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and apparently you can elect our cake king of the prom here. vote every day until the end of the month or february 26th. whichever comes first.


it’s campaigning time!

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the disney blog is hosting it’s annual wedding awards – so feel free to nominate away!!  you just need to have had a disney wedding event (not necessarily at disney, just themed as such) and the photos need to be available online somewheres! feel free to nominate Lisa & Trace for the following awards i’m campaigning heavily for (best wedding cake and best decor)(and more if you like because we are so awesome!) but here are all the categories –

  • Best Proposal
  • Best Engagement or Honeymoon Photos
  • Best Dressed Bride
  • Best Dressed Wedding Party
  • Best Wedding Floral
  • Best Ceremony or Reception Decor
  • Best Shower, Dessert Party, or Rehearsal Dinner
  • Best Wedding Cake
  • Best Wedding Photo
  • Best Disney Wedding Overall

soooooo… visit the disney wedding blog, enter your name to nominate and use a link from these pics, or your own wedding/engagement event and get nominating!

also, all of these pictures (and 800 more!) were done by david and vicki arndt, wedding photographers extraodinaire and (i’m very happy to say) good friends! check them out for your event!!


best wedding cake –

best wedding decor –

best wedding photo –

great minds

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it’s almost our one year wedding anniversary, which, according to emily post et. al, is the paper anniversary. trace instructed me NOT to gift him with toilet paper. well, cross that one of my list….

so we are celebrating a wee bit early, with a nice lunch yesterday and a turn around the kimbell art museum, a movie, lazing around today and an exchange of gifts –

from me to he –

from he to me –

AND the tinkerbell piece is numbered 1/295! so here is to 294 years, my sweet! and thank you – thank you for loving me, putting up with and tolerating me at times and here’s to continuing to build towards a great, big, beautiful tomorrow!

want your yard to go disney?

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i just sent in our application!

want to enter? go here!

my PBR*

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2009 – 3:13:28 – age grade (42) 36.1%

2011 – 2:53:57 – age grade (45) 41.4% – overall – 15,468 out of 22,412

so, basically, yeah, i did it! heh.

i missed my goal by just under 4 minutes. i walked only a slight bit more than i planned. when i finished, i felt a few moments of sadness – i felt i did terrible. but that softened during the trip and now i feel pretty great about it. what i think i learned from this race is that –

  • if the race were before thanksgiving, i think i could’ve beat my goal. basically, spotty training at the end and the weight creep i allowed from the holidays slowed me down. and really shows up in my pictures, dad gummit!
  • my training really did make a difference. after previous races (and 2008 was my first, but 2009 was my “fastest”), i had soreness and stiffness during the week following, felt like i had undertaken a major accomplishment and needed to recover. preferably in bed. with snacks (wait, that sounds good!). i was achey and not really in the best temperament saturday evening – i needed to walk around, not stand in lines or sit. poor trace and his funky toe were better off sitting or riding.  but i didn’t feel half bad the next day and really, it was like, just another strenuous work out. didn’t feel like “this was the most exertional moment of my life!!!” which is how other races have felt. so from this i learn that a) i “could” have pushed myself more (because i didn’t utterly exhaust myself) and b) i can run 13.1 miles and it ain’t no thang! heh. looking forward to the DL half – gonna say it right now: 2:30 and lose 25# by then.
  • i have some pretty amazing friends – amanda – amazing! i bow down! i admire your determination and you gave me the best advice of the whole weekend  -“why take up triathalons? more equipment, money, time?” AMEN sister! jeff – so impressed by all your progress! damn! bonnie & andy dazzled me (and are very cute together!), and everyone else – justin, kipp, chris, lorraine, matt, teresa, jonathon, lori and her hubby, david and vicki, bryan and amy (and little hayden!) – just everyone – it was like the good old days! i’m in awe of the tenacity and support most everyone gives each other – especially jeff and amanda. amazing.


and i did go for a run yesterday. 🙂

*in the hospital setting, PR means by rectum. so i do not enjoy everyone referring to their PR, meaning “personal record”. i want to say PB = personal best. but perhaps this is too reminiscent of that bad marielle hemingway tennis movie. so in combination i choose to say PBR = personal best record. and it also stands for beer.

last run and packing up

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just to get this part out of the way –

ran on the 2nd: 3.75 miles in 48:10, @12.8 min/mile

i still feel sore from my yoga DVD and have just done stretching since.

we are packing up now. early flight tomorrow. went to the doctor today – he is going to increase my BP medicine, i agree that my diastolic hasn’t come down enough, so i need to increase my dose. but, wisely, since apparently the drug i’ve been taking (samples) is non-formulary ($$$), he gave me enough of an increased dose for the next week, then, when i return home, i will switch to a generic medicine and revisit in a month. i feel pretty good from that end of things.

i feel absolutely insane today. have had a little bit of everything to deal with and no tying up of loose ends in sight. whereas last weekend i was getting giddy about going to WDW, today i feel sick. i’m stressed, i’m completely focused on everything negative (shocker) and really feeling worried about home affairs (dogs, kiddo, house, etc..) while we are gone.

trace’s toe is still hurting and i am driving us both crazy because he can’t somehow do everything the way i, the graduate trained medical professional, would and i am hoping he doesn’t have to run me down with his wheel chair in the parks and not have to worry about a first anniversary present for me… did you know the first anniversary is the “paper” anniversary? right now, mine would say i’m certifiable.

i also have to admit that i am depressed and angry at myself that the christmas 6, ok, christmas EIGHTFUCKINGPOUNDS i’ve put on since turkey day are actually on my fat ass right now so that instead of being the lightest in the last 2 years, i’m going into this feeling like a snausage in all of the “old” clothes i was enjoying being back in beginning of december.


so i’m worried and freaking out. what else is new?

it’s just about time

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right off the bat, heres (all) i’ve done since xmas (aka not much)-


my blood pressure is doing well, better, not bottoming out or anything but high normal and i return to the doctor’s office tuesday morning. my uterus has calmed. i’m feeling ok. work has been kicking my butt and although i swear i can see the tiniest bit of evidence to the naked eye that the days are getting longer…. must be getting longer!!!!!

we leave on wednesday. this weekend it hit me that I’M GOING TO DISNEYWORLD!!!!!

but –

  • trace broke his toe accidentally stubbing it on a piece of furniture last week, so he’s not even racing. i’m COMPLETELY stressing on how he is going to get around and how wildly optimistic and pessimistic his idea of how/what we are/can do are. i need to just shut up and go with the flow, as crush would say, but instead i am a ball of anxiety, stress and irritation. and his poor toe just looks awful. poor toe.
  • i fell way short in my last long run attempt yesterday. hell, i was still sore from my christmas eve run! i *hope* to go reattempt tomorrow. today i did a baron baptiste yoga dvd i have always loved and was reminded of how freaking hard yoga is! but a nice stretch and reminder of all the poses in my sun salutations – and i see in posting the link that i need to de-rust myself and then visit jennifer and baron in boston! ooooooooo!
  • i am nervous and excited and calm and depressed about the whole race thing. i don’t think i’ve trained well enough to meet my goals since thanksgiving. it’s going to be tough. and while, before last week, i was stressing about how hard it would be to NOT hang out with my hubby in the same spot and in the same corral and then to “run off” with out him, now all i think about is being there by myself (in a crowd of thousands with a few hundred close friends sprinkled in) and so when i don’t meet my goal, i can’t blame t on anyone else or me lagging back because i feel bad. it’s all on me.

i’ll try and sign on once again before we go. doing mad packing and finishing our 5K costumes – apparently i will be rolling jose through the race 🙂