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for trace

Posted in MF 07, MF08, pics, xmas on November 17, 2008 by sambycat

he is completely fixated on seeing this in person…





see you real soon!!


she gets “it”

Posted in blog things, xmas on January 4, 2008 by sambycat

sweet meghan over at chubber cheekers  is putting up a couple of great posts featuring pixie dusted memories* – what disney means to her. check her out AND maybe you can be her friend on DisFriends  (if you are nice). Look for Aurora317 – tell her lisa sent ya! 😉

—> check out the timbuk2 bags she unearthed that would be yours if you worked for pixar!

*TM mgw

i did not know that

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so, in prep for mousefest and in concert with my mouse-nerdiness, i had been listening to lots and lots of podcast and searching out online materials in regards to WDW during the holiday season. i have been to disneyland once before at christmas time (as an adult), and it was beautifullydecorated! i can’t remember exactly the year i was there, it was definitely the “pre-(insert movie/holiday here) attraction overlay” fetish that consumes the imagineers every october-december.

the osborne lights are something people buzz about. i didn’t know too much about them before the podcast barrage i went on, but i felt like i had the gist of the thing when i saw it. yes! it was neat-o! yes! the lights dance and there’s a heck of a lot of them! see, this guy used to put them up in arkansas or kansas or some such other place, then, through community disapproval and disney fortuitive-ness, disney “bought” the idea and now puts it up on those streets of america at the studios every christmas season. the cool thing to me, that i didn’t RETAIN at least until seeing the travel channel’s disney holiday magic show is that the lights, the 867 million lights that are there, are actually the same strands of christmas lights that you buy at the wal-mart. put up by however many people do it by hand. i’m positive probably you all knew that and i’m sure i’d heard it, but i didn’t get it till listening to samantha’s show – the imagineer she talks to says that none of the strands they put up – and they start in august – are more than 50-100 lights. geeez. how that doesn’t burst into flames, i do not know, but i get stressed out hooking up xmas lights 6 in a chain to light my tree!

on the whole, the decorations were, of course, lovely and amazing. i didn’t go to all the resorts like i had intended, but seeing the wilderness lodge for the holidays was really the pinnacle of a gorgeous, over the top yet tasteful and not completely commercial holiday experience. i also did NOT see most of the epcot light displays at night as trying to make certain meets and get in that spaceship earth sneak peek didn’t allow it.

* samantha brown hosts a travel series on the travel channel. she’s very good. think of her as stacy’s.. um .. aunt? i would say mom, but she’s really not old enough i don’t think, though she does have it “going on“…  anyway, it will be on still a couple more times – check your local listings!

a seriously amazing christmas gift!

Posted in xmas on December 25, 2007 by sambycat

so BFF jennifer has outdone herself! hand made for me of fabric from the yacht and beach club resorts –

2007 12240002

2007 12240003

2007 12240004

2007 12240006

i can’t wait for spring!!!!

peace on earth

Posted in xmas on December 24, 2007 by sambycat

2007 12070175

2007 12070162

merry christmas

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just a little holiday wish to all my friends, old and new. i hope this holiday finds you and yours safe, happy and healthy. best wishes for the new year!




* note hidden tink and turtle!

interesting uses for xmas ornaments

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from xmas window displays at the five & dime on hollywood blvd @ the studios…. the last one was a little fuzzy, but i thought the detail was important. kathy jo and i started looking at these gals, and then began to wonder who put them together!!!!

2007 12080074

2007 12080071

2007 12080075

2007 12080077

2007 12080072

she’s got an anklet. i guess the window dressers decided to put her ornaments to a different use…