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it’s campaigning time!

Posted in marry, pics, WDW Wedding on February 5, 2012 by sambycat

the disney blog is hosting it’s annual wedding awards – so feel free to nominate away!!  you just need to have had a disney wedding event (not necessarily at disney, just themed as such) and the photos need to be available online somewheres! feel free to nominate Lisa & Trace for the following awards i’m campaigning heavily for (best wedding cake and best decor)(and more if you like because we are so awesome!) but here are all the categories –

  • Best Proposal
  • Best Engagement or Honeymoon Photos
  • Best Dressed Bride
  • Best Dressed Wedding Party
  • Best Wedding Floral
  • Best Ceremony or Reception Decor
  • Best Shower, Dessert Party, or Rehearsal Dinner
  • Best Wedding Cake
  • Best Wedding Photo
  • Best Disney Wedding Overall

soooooo… visit the disney wedding blog, enter your name to nominate and use a link from these pics, or your own wedding/engagement event and get nominating!

also, all of these pictures (and 800 more!) were done by david and vicki arndt, wedding photographers extraodinaire and (i’m very happy to say) good friends! check them out for your event!!


best wedding cake –

best wedding decor –

best wedding photo –


great minds

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it’s almost our one year wedding anniversary, which, according to emily post et. al, is the paper anniversary. trace instructed me NOT to gift him with toilet paper. well, cross that one of my list….

so we are celebrating a wee bit early, with a nice lunch yesterday and a turn around the kimbell art museum, a movie, lazing around today and an exchange of gifts –

from me to he –

from he to me –

AND the tinkerbell piece is numbered 1/295! so here is to 294 years, my sweet! and thank you – thank you for loving me, putting up with and tolerating me at times and here’s to continuing to build towards a great, big, beautiful tomorrow!

we’ve been back a while…

Posted in WDW Wedding, youtube on May 21, 2011 by sambycat

but we’ve still been busy! 🙂

BRB – we’re on our honeymoon ;)

Posted in WDW Wedding on January 26, 2011 by sambycat

time to tie the knot

Posted in announcement, WDW Wedding on January 22, 2011 by sambycat

i’ve been crafty!

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he's wearing chucks

"bout"on the right, goatee on the left 🙂

more DFTW – Hong Kong style!

Posted in #godforbid, blog things, WDW Wedding on April 8, 2010 by sambycat

i learned from someone over on the dark side that hong kong disney also has weddings although DLRP does not which explains the lack of success i’ve had in the googling department. though i give kudos for the detailed info and pricing available up front (unlike the american DFTW counterpart), i definitely take away points for the lack of creepy videos or menacing wedding guests. when in rome, i suppose….