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want your yard to go disney?

Posted in TV, youtube on January 17, 2012 by sambycat

i just sent in our application!

want to enter? go here!


my work here is done

Posted in #godforbid, boooooooo!!!!!!, stacy, TV, youtube on January 31, 2010 by sambycat

yes, i finally have uploaded my oh-so-professional video-ing of the WDW Resort TV playing the most recent “Disney Must Dos” – otherwise known as “The Travesty That Hath Been Wrought on the Fabulous Stacy”. This one was recorded before Christmas, so the resort TV must surely have been changed already. Hopefully they will re-edit the previous incarnations of this infomercial and NOT update this hideous mockery of all that is good and right in the world. View at your own risk..

shocking development!

Posted in announcement, boooooooo!!!!!!, news, rants, stacy, TV, youtube on April 21, 2009 by sambycat

i am not quite sure when this happened, as i was in the world last january and had just recorded the entire “top seven with stacy” and – other than adding in “toy story midway mania” – all was right with the world.

imagine the shock and horror when, upon checking in on this last trip at ASMovies, i immediately clicked on the TV and saw THIS:

(only before i taped it, it was a whole lot less shaky…. in any event i realized quickly that holding a camera in front of the tv was not the way to go – but i HAD to bring the news out!!!)

OK. i am not sure what they have dome to and with my stacy. i am generally not a fan of writing negative things about peoples appearances – especially women – in the blog format or elsewhere for that matter (unless you are a sasquatch and you know who you are) but c’mon!!!!! stacy! you look like your own older, sadder sister! just dowdy and dreary! they’ve put her in frowsy outfits in the interspliced “talking head” sections, and she just looks tired!     our stacy is bouncy and energetic, not tired with unfortunate hair.

gone is “yummy! yummy! yummy! (insert yummies here)”. gone is “humunga cowabunga!”  gone is “love roller coasters!  love aerosmith! hellllooooo???!!!”!! even gone is the pent-ultimate stacy-ism: “look at all the lazy people in the lazy river”. UG.

i can sort of see why the change was made, and am hopeful that it is a temporary one. there is no mention of the triple mountain whammy (space mountain, as we geeks know, is down for a rehab for several months) – but would you call Dumbo/Splash Mountain/Small World the magic kingdom’s top must sees? some of the “original” footage is there, and there is some new “stacy in the parks” but even in that, she just doesn’t have the old stacy magic. and the little bippity boppity song is gone too. finally they YOMD footage is gone, some WWYC is in their, as well as, currently, mention of the epcot flower and garden festival.

some may be heartened that the complete show runs just over, say, 15 minutes – i’ve recorded the audio for future generations and will certainly feature it on the podcast at some point.

but my trip was just a little sadder at some moments, knowing i wouldn’t be ending my days with “let’s ride!”

AND tinkerbell can see russia from her house!

Posted in blog things, TV on October 24, 2008 by sambycat

no, really! you did FINE on that interview!!!! we swear!!!

thanks to for the link to this mornings ground breaking tinkerbell interview:

This morning Good Morning America featured a shameless promotion for the new movie Tinker Bell (ABC, as you’ll remember, is owned by Disney). In Tink’s interview with anchor Chris Cuomo, the animated sprite spewed anti-science propaganda, claiming that leaves changing color, fireflies, and rainbows are all the work of fairies. The children in the studio, dumbfounded by explanations for natural phenomena that fly in the face of everything their parents taught them about chlorophyll, bioluminescence, and light refraction, just stared into the cameras aghast.

you simply MUST click here—–>

and i can highly recommend the first few comments on the post as well… heh! i’m also a little frightened that tink goes macgyver on her mic by sticking a paperclip into it WHILE IT IS LIVE being watched by little kids…. but then i too believe in like chlorophyll and stuff..

i reallyreallyreallyreallyreally

Posted in TV on April 17, 2008 by sambycat

want to watch the new samantha brown special which has sat tivo’d on my player for over a week. i just don’t want to wear it out! what to do what to do….