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non-MFer updates (pt. 1)

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to continue along the lines of the upcoming “Name all the creatures!!NAME THEM!!!!” debacle soon to be revealed on AATM, here are 2 snippets of video from the recent non-MFer/Engagement extravaganza 2009:

from these videos i draw 2 conclusions –

1) i have a very large array of facial expressions, in fact, i am somewhat muppet-like

2) i need major neck liposuction-ectomy. eeesh!

and how cute is that fiance of mine??!! 🙂 that is all.



Posted in TDC podcast, tracefest, trip report on April 20, 2009 by sambycat

from tracefest!

too tired yet to post and blog and all that (oh, and make the next TDC show before tomorrow- EEK!)

so meantime, here’s my flickr stream. enjoy!

i’m home

Posted in 1/2 marathon, thank yous, trip report on January 12, 2009 by sambycat

walked in the door about 45 minutes ago. downloading, oh, about 46 new podcast episodes and weeding through junk mail before a much anticipated and deserved nap occurs in mere moments.

i have much to talk about and share.

for now let me say that if i thought mousefest put me over the top of the whole “i love you, man!!!!” deal, consider it topped.

  • i finished the half. defintiely not at the pace i had begun training for at the beggining of the year, but much better than last year, i did my run 2 minutes, walk 1 for most of the course and have nary a blister. although i can no loinger flex at the hip joints. still.
  • friends buy you a dole whip float. good friends sneak you in a side car. REALLY good friends bring you double fly swatter action to keep away rogue bees.
  • i got more tidbits, treats, gifts and cards than a girl deserves. just looking over at them now makes me tear up.
  • i had a WONDERFUL trip

thank you everyone – trace – i had NO IDEA you could surprise and delight me on every possible front and thanks fro being game for so much! Jonathan and amber, bryan and amy, steve and his wife, mike fess and his family, rae and eric and theirs, jeff W and the whole brood, wdw deb, of course lou mongello, beth – traces friend who is the sweetest woman you could ever meet, lori, heath, mississippi matt, chris, bill, stroller boy and allllllll the team voice peeps, michelle the TA who made the magic that is the contemporary happen for us, craig and kristin who are so nice and so much fun, and kate who did the goofy – helloo000???!!??? (did i mention my hip joints?) are fried!

i am blessed to have so many great people in my life in one way or another. THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

a MF trip report to end all…

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nope, clearly NOT mine!!! no, hurry over to grumpy’s hollow to read his wonderful trip reports that will have you feeling like you were there and wondering how somebody could have had MORE fun than you did if you WERE there!!!!! plus his photography is to die for – that tim devine better stop sharing his secrets, or grumpy’s gonna steal his thunder!!! i mean, how classic is this photo:

photo credit Ray Harkness, Grumpy's Hollow

photo credit Ray Harkness, Grumpy's Hollow

a wonderful series of posts about marceline

Posted in blog things, pics, toonfest, trip report on September 24, 2008 by sambycat

can be found at the blog of my pal, jeff w, over at snowy tundra training. i doubt most who read this blog do not already read his site as well, but just in case you dont, please check out his three posts about the day we all met up at toonfest!

i have copious audio from the trip – i was there a long weekend – most of it is friends goofing around, but i did manage to capture some of the hosts of the events, contributing artists and the like talking about marceline and toonfest. and walt! i’d been mulling over how to get this into a TDCs sized show (we aim for 30″), but i think i will just put together this one supersized show, utilising the funny and the serious and nostalgic bits all at once….

so don’t freak if you are a listener and next weeks show is 2 hours long!

MM – off property

Posted in outlet appreciation society, pics, trip report on July 31, 2008 by sambycat

  earlier in july, i had the pleasure of attending my first magic meets event with my bff jennifer. we immersed ourselves in the magic! but, as jennifer had been to the hershey, pa area previously, she suggested a fun alternative to the hershey park/wild roller coaster meet many of the MMers were partaking in on the last day of the meet – hersheys chocolate world! (i would like to note here that the theme song on their web site kind of sets the expectation bar just a wee bit higher than the chocolate world can deliver)

of course, i was sold on this idea when she first described it to me and noted that a singing chef makes you delicious cupcakes! we didn’t actually encounter the singing chef, but i did eat a most wonderful cupcake there.


we also realized just how much our own blogging and podcasting (both listening and producing) efforts have affected the way we view the world…. we were “off property” yet:

  • i searched for outlets
  • we recorded our own “ride through”
  • we discussed theming and experience
  • we asked employees if we were able to purchase theme music (we were not) (and we were looked at strangely)


it’s no “veggie fruit fruit” but it was amusing!

best part – i have somehow influenced craig winto seeking outlets himself (and appreciating a good sno-globe when he sees one!) 😉


cool buy from the disney outlet in harrisburg

Posted in trip report on July 27, 2008 by sambycat

so, at the disney store outlet jennifer discovered on our recent trip to PA, i saw this cute item. it looks like a cute dress, but the material is somewhat taffeta like. the sleeves are short and puffy and it has a sash. i sort of see it as a overcoat, like something to wear over jeans and a tshirt – its very cute and i love the color.











the coolest thing, though, is that there isn’t anything “disney” about it – well, until you look inside!



the garment is just a cool trenchcoaty, dress thingy, but the lining is so AWESOME i considered buying more than one just to have the lining fabric (now i wish i did!)…

because the other cool thing was that this little item, originally $49.99 was marked down to $19.99 and then was 50% off. i loves me a bargain!