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some sad news out of marceline

Posted in announcement, disney dudes, news, toonfest on March 29, 2009 by sambycat

got some sad news out of marceline last week, via andy the boy, and this is no silly joke…..

the dreaming tree? walts original dreaming tree…. well, its finally done. true, it was not in good shape at all when we saw it last september, but a storm has finished her off…


photo credit: Andy, the boy

 I had the honor of visiting this wonderful place last september, and was able to see the actual tree  


Me and Dude #1

 – and (thank goodness!) SON of the dreaming tree – planted close by, from a shoot of the dreaming tree and watered with water from WDW and soil from the world. how cool is that?



as the news gets out

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about MF… thoughts turn to another highly anticipated event….


TOONFEST people!!!!!! it’s a party!

a wonderful series of posts about marceline

Posted in blog things, pics, toonfest, trip report on September 24, 2008 by sambycat

can be found at the blog of my pal, jeff w, over at snowy tundra training. i doubt most who read this blog do not already read his site as well, but just in case you dont, please check out his three posts about the day we all met up at toonfest!

i have copious audio from the trip – i was there a long weekend – most of it is friends goofing around, but i did manage to capture some of the hosts of the events, contributing artists and the like talking about marceline and toonfest. and walt! i’d been mulling over how to get this into a TDCs sized show (we aim for 30″), but i think i will just put together this one supersized show, utilising the funny and the serious and nostalgic bits all at once….

so don’t freak if you are a listener and next weeks show is 2 hours long!

what time does the 10am parade start?

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thanks to jeff w, my breakfast mate and the official flat stanley handler of toonfest 08.


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back from marceline! have thrown some pics on flickr if you to peek before i get to posting them here!!!

it was a lot of fun and would only be more so with the disney online community involved!

hellooooooo marceline!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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photo(shop?) credit - Jeff W - Team Voice

the weather looks promising, and actual packing (versus the pre-packing, planning stage) has begun! yes, folks, toonfest awaits!


yes indeedy, it will be a fest indeed! best part is, i will be joining several friends and sure to be new friends for that marceline activities! So far, the itinerary looks like this:

  • friday arrive Kansas City ~ 1pm. rent car. drive to marceline (this will take one or two years depending on which map you look at)
  • meet fellow festers at the lovely brookville best western Hotel (i capitalize because trace keeps telling me its a motel).. ah well, you know what they say – hotel, motel, holiday inn?….. find wayne, trace and doug (i am thinking this is NOT going to be difficult)
  • drive to heathers (yes, this means back towards KC, whatcha gonna do?) for a fabulous cookout!!! also meeting up with andie in atl aka disnyfan and heathers family
  • saturday 8am – toonfest crew shall breakfast with another andy and his film crew. the film crew is completing documentary filming this weekend for a film about all things marceline. it is most fortuitous that i know people who know people that makes movies because we can just follow them around and see whats happening! also, with any luck, jeff w maybe in town and joining us before the festivities truly begin!
  • after breakfast, we shall gather in marceline. there are many activities throughout the day… hopefully weather will permit everything to come off without a hitch! some of the highlights will include:
  • 10am parade
  • guided tours of the walt disney museum
  • visiting the dreaming tree and walts barn
  • additionally, i hope to see the theater there in town and perhaps the location of laugh-o-gram studios! there are cartoonist personalities appearing and talking, as well as apparently a pie eating contest that some dudes i know are threatening to enter… mostly i just want to see the place, take lots of pictures and eat fair food!
  • saturday night – well, there may be goings on in marceline, so we are leaving that flexible, but i am going to bring the recipe for kungaloosh along, in case anyone wants to join me in a toast at “conversations”, the bar and grill that now resides at this location————->


  • i return home sunday, but i will still have the morning to traipse around town and get lots of pictures!!!!

have you ever been to marceline? or toonfest? if you live remotely near there, you’ll find friends if you come on down!