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last run and packing up

Posted in #godforbid, 1/2 marathon, rants on January 3, 2012 by sambycat

just to get this part out of the way –

ran on the 2nd: 3.75 miles in 48:10, @12.8 min/mile

i still feel sore from my yoga DVD and have just done stretching since.

we are packing up now. early flight tomorrow. went to the doctor today – he is going to increase my BP medicine, i agree that my diastolic hasn’t come down enough, so i need to increase my dose. but, wisely, since apparently the drug i’ve been taking (samples) is non-formulary ($$$), he gave me enough of an increased dose for the next week, then, when i return home, i will switch to a generic medicine and revisit in a month. i feel pretty good from that end of things.

i feel absolutely insane today. have had a little bit of everything to deal with and no tying up of loose ends in sight. whereas last weekend i was getting giddy about going to WDW, today i feel sick. i’m stressed, i’m completely focused on everything negative (shocker) and really feeling worried about home affairs (dogs, kiddo, house, etc..) while we are gone.

trace’s toe is still hurting and i am driving us both crazy because he can’t somehow do everything the way i, the graduate trained medical professional, would and i am hoping he doesn’t have to run me down with his wheel chair in the parks and not have to worry about a first anniversary present for me… did you know the first anniversary is the “paper” anniversary? right now, mine would say i’m certifiable.

i also have to admit that i am depressed and angry at myself that the christmas 6, ok, christmas EIGHTFUCKINGPOUNDS i’ve put on since turkey day are actually on my fat ass right now so that instead of being the lightest in the last 2 years, i’m going into this feeling like a snausage in all of the “old” clothes i was enjoying being back in beginning of december.


so i’m worried and freaking out. what else is new?


don’t get me wrong….

Posted in 23, advertising, D23, Disneyland, i can haz dictionary?, rants on July 29, 2009 by sambycat

in spite of the fact that D23 can’t seem to tell that mine and my boyfriend’s (so far) addresses are different and that we are, in fact, two separate people…. well, i’ve been enjoying it.

so… what to say when i decide to open up the 2 issues of the latest D23 mag (cause trace and i have the same address, right?) that came to my house today…




is that supposed to say MONORAIL? is this some long gone ride of yore that combined MONORAIL and MATTERHORN? am i just delirious after 12 hours of work? WTF??

shocking development!

Posted in announcement, boooooooo!!!!!!, news, rants, stacy, TV, youtube on April 21, 2009 by sambycat

i am not quite sure when this happened, as i was in the world last january and had just recorded the entire “top seven with stacy” and – other than adding in “toy story midway mania” – all was right with the world.

imagine the shock and horror when, upon checking in on this last trip at ASMovies, i immediately clicked on the TV and saw THIS:

(only before i taped it, it was a whole lot less shaky…. in any event i realized quickly that holding a camera in front of the tv was not the way to go – but i HAD to bring the news out!!!)

OK. i am not sure what they have dome to and with my stacy. i am generally not a fan of writing negative things about peoples appearances – especially women – in the blog format or elsewhere for that matter (unless you are a sasquatch and you know who you are) but c’mon!!!!! stacy! you look like your own older, sadder sister! just dowdy and dreary! they’ve put her in frowsy outfits in the interspliced “talking head” sections, and she just looks tired!     our stacy is bouncy and energetic, not tired with unfortunate hair.

gone is “yummy! yummy! yummy! (insert yummies here)”. gone is “humunga cowabunga!”  gone is “love roller coasters!  love aerosmith! hellllooooo???!!!”!! even gone is the pent-ultimate stacy-ism: “look at all the lazy people in the lazy river”. UG.

i can sort of see why the change was made, and am hopeful that it is a temporary one. there is no mention of the triple mountain whammy (space mountain, as we geeks know, is down for a rehab for several months) – but would you call Dumbo/Splash Mountain/Small World the magic kingdom’s top must sees? some of the “original” footage is there, and there is some new “stacy in the parks” but even in that, she just doesn’t have the old stacy magic. and the little bippity boppity song is gone too. finally they YOMD footage is gone, some WWYC is in their, as well as, currently, mention of the epcot flower and garden festival.

some may be heartened that the complete show runs just over, say, 15 minutes – i’ve recorded the audio for future generations and will certainly feature it on the podcast at some point.

but my trip was just a little sadder at some moments, knowing i wouldn’t be ending my days with “let’s ride!”

it’s deja vu all over again?

Posted in announcement, blind item, boooooooo!!!!!!, D23, news, rants, restaurants on March 29, 2009 by sambycat

soooo…. is this countdown actually going to deliver on it’s timeline (see below)? 

yawn. i hope so…….. let’s see if mr. finch is more timely than the BOD of Disney….. i wonder if i’m working that day…..


Posted in 23, rants on March 12, 2009 by sambycat

yes – the D23 cult is making my eyes all pin-wheelie and peer pressure weighs heavily upon me.




Posted in 23, rants on March 10, 2009 by sambycat

so by now any disney freak worth their salt has been engaging in discussion about “what is 23?” i’ve seen the gamut from “it’s a joke”, “must be some imagineer’s kid’s birthday today” to “its the next club 33” and “it’s the new mousefest”.

hmmmm. ok.

well, i happened to be off today and actually wasted a few minutes of my life to stare at the 23 ticker thats been going off for god knows how long… and then i got this:



woot! haha. NOT.

i’m annoyed. i’m annoyed and although i am betting that i will probably shell out the $$ for this membership (especially if that is the only way to get some of the cool looking merchon the site-which does seem to be the case), i’m pissed.

i put my goofy little email on their roster. the magazine is already on newstands (for a lovely $15.95 per), FAQs and inserts and info is already out there. oh and MF was cancelled. of course, there is speculation about…. perhaps a corporate influence, take over…whatever of the entity once known as mousefest TM. and what was the point of signing up or paying any attention to yet ANOTHER disney moneygrab? meh.

i guess i can get the honor of getting to buy expensive stuff and only pay 75 bucks as opposed to next year when it’ll be 89.99. then 101 (like the dalmatians).


UPDATE: so here’s the “official” website and all….

odds and ends…

Posted in passamaquody, rants on January 29, 2009 by sambycat

yeah, yeah, i’m still alive… things have been a bit busy here, what with maggie not getting off my bed, planning for the upcoming TRACEFESTevent, podcasting, oh yes, and that bane of my existence, work…

however there are a many many things on my blog to do list – but here’s what i can crank out tonight:

  • though i am somewhat familiar with the debacle that is eating at cinderella’s royal table and all the “pageant mom” type shenanigans that apparently go on there resulting in disney’s need to require a credit card to hold a reservation. however, i was – dare i say – shocked to be told, during a marathon tracefest booking session – that to reserve a table for 8 for dinner – NO cindy, mind you – i had to pre-pay the ENTIRE dinner to make the ADR. not a deposit. not just the credit card and a big penalty if you are a no show, but the whole thing. and gratuity for parties over 6. they don’t make you pay to book at victoria and alberts!!!!! just sayin’
  • i’m embarking on a challenge of epic proprtion – bigger than the half. hell, bigger than the goofy or the thought of some young red headed youngster being trapped on pirates near the auction -shudder-
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