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dude! sweeeet!

Posted in podcast on January 5, 2009 by sambycat

there’s a new podcast in town, and it belongs to the dudes. the disney dudes.

you remember wayne – he used to do this lil ol’ thang called the mickey room? and trace, well, if you were at westfest or mousefest – or hell, if you were at toonfest this year – ya couldn’t miss him!!!

the show’s up and out – catch episode #2 today on itunes!


Happy MF 2008!

Posted in MF08, podcast, TDC's on December 31, 2008 by sambycat

the flat cats are about!

Posted in MF08 Land/Sea, pics, podcast on December 24, 2008 by sambycat

a few pics of the flat cats on their mousefest vacation are up here!

if it werent for jennifer i would not have won carl kassels voice on my home answering machine!

Posted in blog things, NPR, podcast on November 25, 2008 by sambycat


ok. i did NOT win carls voice, but, with knowledge gleaned straight from the informative site of my bff i COULD have – and thats what matters!! this weeks “not my job” segment on the wonderful “wait! wait! don’t tell me!” (that i saw taped live earlier in the year) is completely devoted to the mouse! listen to this weeks show here, or, for the aforementioned section (with the HOT tiki barber!!), listen here!

also, am i wrong or does it seem like whomever wrote this segment surely must have a love for a certain disney podcast, or is that just wishful thinking??

lookie what i got in the mail yesterday!

Posted in MF08, podcast on November 16, 2008 by sambycat


all my travel documents for my cruise! and a fetching mickey tote bag that will be perfect on castaway cay! its very exciting… and time is coming up soon! fortunately i did a great interview for next wednesdays those darn cats podcast with matt hochberg that filled in a few of the remaining blanks i had about cruising… more on that next week!

i also just want to give a shout out to the travel agent i have used for this cruise – 

doris this is doris, my travel agent from she has been a LIFESAVER!!!! i have tried three TA’s now for disney trip planning, and, though they all have strengths, this has been my best experience to date! probably that has a little something to do as well with all the things that go into booking and planning for a cruise. it seemed a little daunting to do myself, and she has been fantastic – even (thank god) pointing out to me when my plane reservations didn’t match my land itinerary….  i found ms. thompson through a banner ad actually – god only knows where now! – but i am so glad i did!

MF sea, here i come!!!!!! did i mention i have a veranda??

the simple things in life…

Posted in podcast, unofficial guide on November 6, 2008 by sambycat

matt read my question on wdw today! woot woot!  logo

i am slightly worried about mr hochbergs pronounciation skills from time to time (peee-cos bills anyone?) but i knew len would set him straight! 😉

check this out

Posted in podcast on November 2, 2008 by sambycat

MORE halloween fun – i mean what can beat a demonically possessed trash can or halloween tips from chernabog?

jennifer and i even got to contribute (although, sadly, it was a weird fubar-ed audio day for us, but oh well!)… anywho – lots of fun!!! check out the new two finger point syndication over on libsyn! enjoy!

the mousefest drumbeat begins!

Posted in MF08, podcast on September 30, 2008 by sambycat

  you might THINK the way to a girls heart is through her stomach, her momma, her girl friends or maybe via shiny trinkets, but just an aside about THIS girl, i’d say it is by way of tinker bell ephemera….. i am getting SPOILED y’all!!!! 🙂  i will say no more for now..

on a different, but slightly related note, the planning for Mousefest 2008 is really rolling! i am thrilled that jennifer and i will be attending and that many friends old and new will be there too! and check it people – we are “underwriting sponsors“!!  thats fancy talk for saying that those darn cats are taking part in the mega mouse meet, the first ever reception kick off function and, yes, we are working on a couple of meets as well!!  my pal trace is even going to make it out!! woot! so, what with october here, i actually ventured forth and made (drumroll please) A SPREADSHEET!!!! yes, jennifer has taught me the ways of google docs – which i seem to be able to use as opposed to excel spreadsheets that make me cry – and i have begun mapping out the cruise and mousefest festivities!

the excitement has begun!!!

when good theming goes bad

Posted in podcast, SWW, TDC podcast, trip report, youtube on June 25, 2008 by sambycat

given the time at which i am posting this, in lieu of pictures and/or trip reports, i have for you this:

and this!


 UPDATE: this person was way more in front than me!!

sad news out of the DPN

Posted in podcast on May 15, 2008 by sambycat

the meandering mouse drops some sad knowledge at the DPN forums:

I regretfully must inform The DPN community and the rest of The Mickey Room Audience who frequents The DPN that Wayne has written me to tell me that he and Kimberley have decided to stop podcasting due to family concerns. Us podcasters especially understand that life gets in the way and becomes much more important than our shows. Even though I am sad to see these two wonderful personalities power off the mic, I am glad to have had them on The DPN roster, on my Ipod, and as part of The DPN family. It was great to see The Mickey Room out at BOTH Westfest events showing support. What a better way to go out than attending one heck of a party which was The DPN’s Westfest 2008.

My thoughts and prayers are with Wayne, Kimberley, and their entire family as they tend to their priorities. They will be missed.

Please know that TMR will always have a home on The DPN roster if they decide to return to the mic. I will move The Mickey Room forums off to a private location in a month or so after their audience has had the chance to say their goodbyes.

ug! i’ve been waiting and waiting to hear miss kimberly take to the airwaves (podwaves? webwaves?) again! the two of them made me laugh, but i loved miss kim’s slightly sassy texas girl persona – and meeting them at MF07 – another highlight! especially the ride on the speedway i got to take with gavin (kimberly may have broken the ride -KIDDING!)  well, miss you guys and especially my peach, kim – come back soon – the cats always need more girlfriends!! 😉