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MM – off property

Posted in outlet appreciation society, pics, trip report on July 31, 2008 by sambycat

  earlier in july, i had the pleasure of attending my first magic meets event with my bff jennifer. we immersed ourselves in the magic! but, as jennifer had been to the hershey, pa area previously, she suggested a fun alternative to the hershey park/wild roller coaster meet many of the MMers were partaking in on the last day of the meet – hersheys chocolate world! (i would like to note here that the theme song on their web site kind of sets the expectation bar just a wee bit higher than the chocolate world can deliver)

of course, i was sold on this idea when she first described it to me and noted that a singing chef makes you delicious cupcakes! we didn’t actually encounter the singing chef, but i did eat a most wonderful cupcake there.


we also realized just how much our own blogging and podcasting (both listening and producing) efforts have affected the way we view the world…. we were “off property” yet:

  • i searched for outlets
  • we recorded our own “ride through”
  • we discussed theming and experience
  • we asked employees if we were able to purchase theme music (we were not) (and we were looked at strangely)


it’s no “veggie fruit fruit” but it was amusing!

best part – i have somehow influenced craig winto seeking outlets himself (and appreciating a good sno-globe when he sees one!) 😉



7 outlets and MORE!

Posted in outlet appreciation society, pics on June 30, 2008 by sambycat

ok, i didn’t actually photograph seven outlets – but i did have a weather eye open for the all important outlet opportunities at DHS on the last trip to the world.

for the outlet appreciation society members, take note:

2008 06220022

on the way in (or out) on hollywood boulevard…

2008 06220030


a good place to “recharge” while waiting in the long stand by queues at TSMM (some people actually CARE about that silly hidden mickey thing right there too)…

2008 06220133


actually, TSMM seems to think there is a large need for outlets along the entire queue..

and when i say LARGE….

2008 06220025

now MY personal fave would be here (i know andy knows where this one is):

2008 06220044


i think this one is at pizza planet (i feel very protected by the addition of one plug protector)

2008 06220065

better than crates?

Posted in outlet appreciation society on February 9, 2008 by sambycat

so, if you follow this blog at all, i’m betting you really follow the major players out there amongst the disratti, and thus you are well familiar with the crate appreciation society. though i too love the fantastic minutiae and attention to detail that sets disney parks apart, the thing i have started searching for in the parks is not crates, but outlets!

on my most recent WDW trip, i was more plugged in than i had been in the past – i mean, i’ve got my super annoying “smart” phone and potentially the equally annoying bluetooth earpiece, my digital camera, my ipod and of course the laptop. on most normal days, i don’t need to cart things around with me but last time i was spending the morning at the park and catching disney’s magical express in the afternoon to catch my flight home. it’s my beloved ipod mini that soonest can run out of power and one never can be sure how much time one might have at the airport etc.. to recharge for the flight home as well. and, truth be told, i had been walking main street that morning listening to the lou, so it goes without saying that the ipod batteries would be completely drained after a morning at the park…

in any event, as i was wandering, i started wondering – are there any places in the park that one can conveniently “recharge”? well, as you can see from the photos below, i can happily answer yes!

2008 01160028 2008 01160039

2008 01160035 2008 01160030

i did my snooping at the magic kingdom, as you can see. perhaps the best recharge spot i found was at pecos bill’s – you can grab a lunch and sit somewhere and recharge – literally and figuratively!

2008 01160023

on future trips, i’ll be assessing the availability of these outlets, as well as the potential theming associated with the outlets. we all know those imagineers love attention to detail, so i know the outlets around wdw are going to be extra fantastic! if YOU have a favorite “recharge” spot – let me know!!