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Posted in MF 07, MF08, rambling on November 26, 2008 by sambycat

ok. my other blog is where i usually bitch and moan about life and what not. but i feel compelled to note here that i am freaking out just a little about the imminent mousefest 2008! now, i feel kind of silly about this, especially since i have spent much time extolling MF to my bff and saying how much fun we shall have etc., etc., etc…

but, truth be told, i am nervous! this is our first foray (is that how you spell that?) into the podcasting/fan community as “celebrities” (thats the MF term, people, not mine!!) as opposed to “fans” or perhaps “wondering stalkers”. WE are having meets! WE are having a table! WE will have to talk to people!!!! EEEEK!!!!

of course i AM excited beyond belief, but it is tinged with some nervousness as well! if you see me, prepare for endless lisa chattering and the flapping of limbs – oh wait! thats me all the time… actually, i will probably be standing stalk still (or is that stock still?) with bulging eyes.

again, my first words at the last, my first, MF (after lurking around the outskirts of the tomorrowland noodle terrace for about 30 minutes) were “I AM COMPLETELY FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW”

so if you see me, please say hi… oh, and i am super super bad at names, even when calm, so, like when i am freaking my brain will be god knows where..

in spite of all that….. see you real soon??? oh.. and i am completely freaking out right now!!!!


old friends i get to see again!

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recognize any of these happy faces??







for trace

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he is completely fixated on seeing this in person…





see you real soon!!

hoppy easter

Posted in holidays, MF 07 on March 22, 2008 by sambycat

2007_12070100.jpg   in honor of the fabulous kimberly, of the mickey room podcast, i bring you tidings of easter joy! now, the mickey room is currently on a little hiatus, but, if they had put out a show last week, i am sure it would have included some kind of references to miss kim’s unholy desire to smush peeps!!!!!

 meeting wayne, kimberly and gavin at mousefest 07, was truly a high point for me – memories i will treasure! so, even though they are on a break, if you haven’t checked out their shows before – please do! it’s kind of that “just talkin’ disney” thing a certain podcast i contribute to specializes in, but always fun and amusing to hear the off topic discussions and the banter between this husband and wife team! and where do you think “dang tasty” got started, anyway??? (no, rhett, i do no forget to mention it came from YOUR email!!!!!!)

2007_12090050.jpg  so happy easter and happy spring!!

i did not know that

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so, in prep for mousefest and in concert with my mouse-nerdiness, i had been listening to lots and lots of podcast and searching out online materials in regards to WDW during the holiday season. i have been to disneyland once before at christmas time (as an adult), and it was beautifullydecorated! i can’t remember exactly the year i was there, it was definitely the “pre-(insert movie/holiday here) attraction overlay” fetish that consumes the imagineers every october-december.

the osborne lights are something people buzz about. i didn’t know too much about them before the podcast barrage i went on, but i felt like i had the gist of the thing when i saw it. yes! it was neat-o! yes! the lights dance and there’s a heck of a lot of them! see, this guy used to put them up in arkansas or kansas or some such other place, then, through community disapproval and disney fortuitive-ness, disney “bought” the idea and now puts it up on those streets of america at the studios every christmas season. the cool thing to me, that i didn’t RETAIN at least until seeing the travel channel’s disney holiday magic show is that the lights, the 867 million lights that are there, are actually the same strands of christmas lights that you buy at the wal-mart. put up by however many people do it by hand. i’m positive probably you all knew that and i’m sure i’d heard it, but i didn’t get it till listening to samantha’s show – the imagineer she talks to says that none of the strands they put up – and they start in august – are more than 50-100 lights. geeez. how that doesn’t burst into flames, i do not know, but i get stressed out hooking up xmas lights 6 in a chain to light my tree!

on the whole, the decorations were, of course, lovely and amazing. i didn’t go to all the resorts like i had intended, but seeing the wilderness lodge for the holidays was really the pinnacle of a gorgeous, over the top yet tasteful and not completely commercial holiday experience. i also did NOT see most of the epcot light displays at night as trying to make certain meets and get in that spaceship earth sneak peek didn’t allow it.

* samantha brown hosts a travel series on the travel channel. she’s very good. think of her as stacy’s.. um .. aunt? i would say mom, but she’s really not old enough i don’t think, though she does have it “going on“…  anyway, it will be on still a couple more times – check your local listings!

now it can be told!

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so, though no one in the dis-ratti world has acknowledged my recent post breaking the news that matt hochberg had indeed ridden the infamous dinosaur ride, the fact remains – YOU READ IT HERE FIRST PEOPLE!!!

i have to admit, the clamoring for evidence – both photographic and audio – has been tremendous. well, now i may offer, for your viewing pleasure, the un-edited audio  and a few pictures from the infamous DINO’07 ride through with matt hochberg of “WDW Today/studios/tower of terror” fame –

HEAR! evil co-riders chant his name as we enter the horror that is Dinosaur!

FEEL! the fear as we decide where matt should ride!

UNDERSTAND! the terror as my large purse gets wedged in the tiny space for carry on items and la mongella must yank it out for me!

KNOW! that over $500 was raised benefiting charities of both looouuuuuu and deb wills!

CLICK HERE! if you dare!!!!!!

*for your ipod

and when i figure out the html code posting nightmare, i will just put it right here…..

thanks dan! for all your help!! 🙂

here’s the thing

Posted in d-list goals, MF 07 on December 18, 2007 by sambycat

so mousefest was fun. so i’m planning my return trips and how, with one simple surgical procedure, i may be able to sell a kidney and garner the necessary cash to ensconce myself in the grand villas there at WDW on that whole DVC cult vacation club thingy.

but let’s get real. have i garnered any – ANY? – publicity that can boost me off the d-list? a-lister roll call:

  • looouuuuuuu mentions MGW and myself (huzzah!) on this week’s WDW Radio show
  • the aforementioned MGW – my home sweet home – uses my psychotic spirited MF trip report on the MF follow up show this week.
  • miss kimberly, from the mickey room, refers to me as her peeps! how cute is she, i ask you:   2007-12070100.jpg
  • i score a sidenote on grumpy’s hollow’s (???) (i know i am not punctuating this correctly) hat tip to bff jennifer’s latest jentasmic! piece
  • jonathon dichter stuck a microphone in my face at MF
  • i mentioned TDC’s had actual fans @ MF, right?????  (hey y’all!!! ok – i know there are three of you – one in michigan, 2 in southern cal..)

this is by no means an extensive list, but i think it is a start. and by start, i mean a comprehensive documentation of any and all brushes with greatness that may occur in the disney realm. and it’s allllll about keeping track, people. christmas, schmismass.

also – i think i’m going to have to do the MF ’08 cruise next december. if only newell would be MY pillow, eh matt?

geeks in motion

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2007 11210006

they walk!

2007 12060038

they talk!

2007 12080065

they take lots and lots and lots of pictures!

2007 12060039

2007 12090026

2007 12090028

are you looking at me?

2007 12090031

they show up in the craziest places!!

2007 12090016

2007 12090021

they scratch their heads in wonderment!

2007 12090020

they provide interesting, pg-13 rated non-stop commentary at the tune-in lounge! ok, i don’t have any pics of that, but here we are, again, at the fantasmic! meet. (really just because this happens to be a good picture of me!)

2007 12080068

they are smart, love disney, articulate, good-looking (hey, it doesn’t hurt to mention ..), burst into song (and prince songs mind you) at any moment (jennifer??), and, in george’s case, vaguely above it all, which only adds to his charm. and if you know anything about me, there’s something i just can’t resist in a guy who wants absolutely nothing to do with me..)

if you aren’t familiar with the disney geeks and their a-list, dis-ratti site, check them out immediatly! and in honor of biblioadonis, show them some d-list love!

NOTE: sucking up WILL get me on the a-list, right? ’cause next i’m posting about mongello…. and a thank you to sizzle for the cool badge! every day is blog crush day for me, but next year, maybe i’ll make the actual day!!!

how i was nearly killed in WDW

Posted in MF 07, near death experiences, pics on December 16, 2007 by sambycat

let me set the stage: it was a dark and stormy night – wait! that’s peanuts…. hold on. it was late and it was dark! the MG crew and i were returning, oh around 1230 am-ish, to our rooms at the carribean beach resort. mine was the last stop, i was the last guest to exit. both my driver and myself laughed as, when i exited, the one clear pathway in the dark was bombarded by sprinklers! and not just a light spray getting the pavement wet, but the blasting tchk-tchk-tchk of the rotating spray was pummeling the only lit area leading back to the resort parking lot and the rooms… what to do?

well, i’m no girly girl, but the spray was a bit much, not to mention getting soaked would affect my extensive wardrobe planning that was in effect for all of mousefest. so, i had a choice. go left. go right. either way, from the sight lines of the bus stop, there was a stretch of darkness, then the more brightly lit resort rooms. i elected to go right of the bus stop, knowing the road the bus came on goes of that way, making a circle around the majority of resort rooms at CB. a few steps past the bus stop, i saw what i thought to be another walkway, so i took it. again, approximately 20 yards or so away was the dimly lit parking lot and home. did i mention none of this was well lit???

the first red flag should’ve been that the “sidewalk” ended after about 6 ft., then changed to grass sloping gently down hill. again, it looked to be (and i was NOT drinking, people) a little slope, then asphalt in a part of the parking lot the NO ONE WAS PARKED IN (i.e.; the second red flag). so, in my walking sandals i trudged for the, when suddenly the surface went from grass to ?dirty asphalt to ?muddy asphalt to MUD!!!!! ug! suddenly, my razor sharp night vision kicked in and – duh duh duuuhhhh! – i’m wading thru mud that is gushing in between my toes, goobering up my walking sandals (my mephistos that are integral to the wardrobe plan as i mentioned) and fearing i will soon be knee deep in the lagoon. to turn back was about as far as to trudge on, so i just hopped the best i could across. as the light got a bit better, i could see it was some kind of culvert or something that in the rainy season probably is a little pond. oy.

so maybe i wasn’t nearly killed, but my pedicure was nearly ruined and that is just as dangerous. those disney a-listers, of course, don’t ride the bus systems, they scoot along in their chauffeured limousines or possibly drive their prius’ all about the world, but not me people, i’m riding the bus alone after midnight, trudging through goo. side note: with all the magic going on, why do the CB maintenance people have sprinklers on in an area people need to walk through when busses etc., are still running? hmmmm? file that tid bit away for the guide book i shall some day write for single wanna be party girls (and boys!) working the magic solo.. but i digress.

daylight photos reveal where i walked. note the lisa-saurus tracks. and of course, had i turned left, i realized later, i would have gone around some bushes and been IN the actual parking lot, mud free.

2007 120800032007 12080002

2007 12080004

view from the safety of the parking lot of the bus stop. to the left of this picture is the way i went. to the immediate right is the driveway to the parking lot.

2007 12080006

2007 12080005

the way i should have gone!!

interesting uses for xmas ornaments

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from xmas window displays at the five & dime on hollywood blvd @ the studios…. the last one was a little fuzzy, but i thought the detail was important. kathy jo and i started looking at these gals, and then began to wonder who put them together!!!!

2007 12080074

2007 12080071

2007 12080075

2007 12080077

2007 12080072

she’s got an anklet. i guess the window dressers decided to put her ornaments to a different use…