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it’s campaigning time!

Posted in marry, pics, WDW Wedding on February 5, 2012 by sambycat

the disney blog is hosting it’s annual wedding awards – so feel free to nominate away!!  you just need to have had a disney wedding event (not necessarily at disney, just themed as such) and the photos need to be available online somewheres! feel free to nominate Lisa & Trace for the following awards i’m campaigning heavily for (best wedding cake and best decor)(and more if you like because we are so awesome!) but here are all the categories –

  • Best Proposal
  • Best Engagement or Honeymoon Photos
  • Best Dressed Bride
  • Best Dressed Wedding Party
  • Best Wedding Floral
  • Best Ceremony or Reception Decor
  • Best Shower, Dessert Party, or Rehearsal Dinner
  • Best Wedding Cake
  • Best Wedding Photo
  • Best Disney Wedding Overall

soooooo… visit the disney wedding blog, enter your name to nominate and use a link from these pics, or your own wedding/engagement event and get nominating!

also, all of these pictures (and 800 more!) were done by david and vicki arndt, wedding photographers extraodinaire and (i’m very happy to say) good friends! check them out for your event!!


best wedding cake –

best wedding decor –

best wedding photo –


great minds

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it’s almost our one year wedding anniversary, which, according to emily post et. al, is the paper anniversary. trace instructed me NOT to gift him with toilet paper. well, cross that one of my list….

so we are celebrating a wee bit early, with a nice lunch yesterday and a turn around the kimbell art museum, a movie, lazing around today and an exchange of gifts –

from me to he –

from he to me –

AND the tinkerbell piece is numbered 1/295! so here is to 294 years, my sweet! and thank you – thank you for loving me, putting up with and tolerating me at times and here’s to continuing to build towards a great, big, beautiful tomorrow!

at times like these

Posted in #godforbid, blog things, disney couture, marry, shopping, WDW Wedding, wish list on March 31, 2010 by sambycat

i wish i could read japanese! i found this link on the dark side to the tokyo disney weddings site. and they sell dresses. dresses which are not my cup of tea, but are more “princess-y” in inspiration than those blah kirstie kelly american ones.

if i were in the market for a princess inspired dress, i would WANT some obvious references to the princess i most loved in the dress – i love the snow white sleeves in ivory!!  i wonder how much they cost. am going to have to investigate translation…

shades of green wedding

Posted in blog things, dis-pals, marry, WDW Wedding on January 31, 2010 by sambycat

yes, it is true, i have gone overboard on blogging off of items found at but i can’t help myself!!! especially when, as i was surfing this morning, looking at vendor entries that i am hoping will help us decide whom to choose for our event, i came across wedding pics from shades of green. that’s just one of those places none of us will get to visit and i was curious about it and have a twitter pal who just got married there… so i click on the beautiful pictures….

photo credit: DVArndt photo/ the disney wedding blog

photo credit: DVArndt photo/disney wedding blog

gee….. don’t those two look familiar!!!!! yes, it’s lisa and paul, who were married during the non-MFer last december!! your pictures are beautiful as are the two of you! you look so much in love and so happy! congrats!

location, location, location

Posted in blog crushes, blog things, marry, WDW Wedding on January 30, 2010 by sambycat

so, very much in the wedding planning stage. talking with disney, date pretty much confirmed. just awaiting cost estimates and all the nitty gritty to hash through. in getting ideas for deciding on the “wheres” and “hows”, i came across quite alot of info about the myriad of locations available within the parks for receptions. i tried googling up some of the sites, but didn’t find much on my own…

today, pal Sherry tweeted me a link to this site, the disney wedding blog. and what a great source of ideas and pics! i am transfixed!! mostly i am loving this latest post, about a vow renewal reception in the great movie ride!!!

and then…… DESERT IN OZ??????!!!!!

photo credit: the disney wedding blog

how cool could that be!!!! anywho, i’ve got to go back to reading and stealing ideas!!! 😉

oh, and you can follow her on twitter! thanks sherry!!!


Posted in #godforbid, dreams, marry, WDW Wedding on January 6, 2010 by sambycat

i have been swept away ina little pre-wedding/wedding planning fever this week, as the opportunity to book a WDW wedding date draws near. There are so many options that, like and event I am sure, I’ve been scribbling on papers andspreadsheets trying to come up with a combo of affordable and desireable options so that we can book the appropriate venue – HOPEFULLY – and then (theoretically) I can calm down a bit as there need be no major decision making till a few months down the line…

So that’s what I am doing right now. In addition, I’m still sick with a sinus infection that is making my ears pop continuosly and a barky cough that makes me want to wretch when it takes over. Did I also mention then, that I am using an albuterol inhaler, taking enough (pseudo)ephedrine to start a meth lab AND, joy of joys, on day 2 of a steroid dose pack.

Also, I havent slept in, oh, let’s see…….29 hours. Super! All in all, the perfect mental place to be in and be looking at wedding sites and fielding head hunters in my job search.

So it is with great surprise and the further ramping up of my fever pitch that the man and I have stumbled across the most perfect theme, concept, attitude whatever for this celebration we are trying to put together!!!! Don’t want to say much now because it remains unclear if this venue/experience is available for our time/date/budget – but signs point to yes!  

non-MFer updates (pt. 1)

Posted in cruising, disney dudes, hidden mickeys, holidays, marry, rambling, trip report on December 15, 2009 by sambycat

to continue along the lines of the upcoming “Name all the creatures!!NAME THEM!!!!” debacle soon to be revealed on AATM, here are 2 snippets of video from the recent non-MFer/Engagement extravaganza 2009:

from these videos i draw 2 conclusions –

1) i have a very large array of facial expressions, in fact, i am somewhat muppet-like

2) i need major neck liposuction-ectomy. eeesh!

and how cute is that fiance of mine??!! 🙂 that is all.

were YOU at the wedding?

Posted in Disneyland, Haunted Mansion, marry, RIP, youtube on September 13, 2009 by sambycat

great video posted by HoloProject on and forwarded to me via one of the DisneyRoyalLadies – i think the best part may be the shots with guests’ mickey ears obscuing the view…. 😉