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hello again

Posted in #godforbid, 1/2 marathon on November 28, 2011 by sambycat

i did run saturday. like 2.96 miles (shoulda been 3) in 36:20. i felt like a giant slug dragging my carcass across the windy tundra. except without the whole tundra part.

sunday i pulled down about a third of the reallllly lovely wall paper in our master bath and painted about 1/3 of the ceiling and primed the areas i peeled the paper (and most of the wall off because those who built this home couldn’t see the wisdom in  putting some scant layer of paint between the drywall and the wall paper adhesive). but i digress. my arms are still a bit sore today.


i should have run 4.5 miles today and now i also see the run following that is a 7 miler. very important to my training and time is running out. but i let time get away from me and i wanted to run outside. so i better get my butt in gear tomorrow or it will be a gym run if i can’t get out right after work.


also i ate more than my weight in peppermint ice cream. it is my kryptonite and i can eat gallons of it at a time without batting an eyelash. and then i feel like i want to die. so i will not be getting on the scale till next week me thinks.


working on actual plans for the trip and realizing i get to see people! yay! knowing i’ve made a lot of progress! yay! feeling really unattractive, pimply, bloated and broke. boo.




My “Pen-hig-oway” 1/2 Marathon Plan*

Posted in #godforbid, 1/2 marathon on November 5, 2011 by sambycat

yes, i am still alive. yes, i am still running. although i’ve come further in my race fitness journey than ever before, any of you that know me, follow on twitter or follow the podcast know that, what with health issues, ear attacks, zillion degree temperatures, family life/work complications (the usual), i’ve had a tough time seeing and appreciating really what i have done, how far i have come and that what i have done MUST result in some kind of improvement over any of my previous (walk/wogging) WDW halfs as long as i merely show up.

a main sitcking point for me has been trying to find a way to train and a plan. luckily, i did NOT stop the physical activity whilst i tried to sort this out, but it’s taken me a longer time than i thought and set backs have frustrated me more than i thought they would. for me, getting out of the gym to increase mileage (especially now that the weather here is less like the surface of the sun) has been key, but also brought me to a place i had not been before. truth be told, even though i’ve been in better physical health for the half (the year i was rowing as well), i’ve not gotten mileage up anywhere near half distances. i was working on running times – not pace time but ability to run for lengths of time. i was running 30 minute blocks with a one minute walk on the treadmill mid-summer until the whole weather debacle threw me. i’d also been trying a variety of apps and strategies that have both gotten me excited and made me want to seriously hurt people with feet.

bottom line – here’s where i stand: my plan is to finish the 2012 WDW 1/2 Marathon with a time at or under a 12:29 min/mile pace. i have settled into a strategy using a 4 minute run/1 minute walk ratio (GALLOWAY*) after trying a lot of other stuff and wanting to meet my time goal but also my FINISH STRONG goal – i.e.; i want to finish still doing the run walk ratio or if feeling so marvelous run the last 5K, but not limp or poop out at horrible and boring mile 8. there isn’t really “app for that”, with the distance and time i need so i am also making myself a race day mix of music that will also include me giving myself run/walk and time cues so that i don’t have to fiddle fuck with my iphone or pod or what have you.

for an actual training plan, i’m going with the HIGDON* training app distances with the target race day being my actual race day of january 7, 2012. below is the distances from that app, and my plan is to basically run every other day. doing that, i do have time to bump my mileage up and then when i am actually running, i’m going to select a distance off the galloway 10K app i’ve been using (it gives the run walk cues and uses your own music) and then just do what i do. i filled in the first row with the actual date and actual distance of my run. so as long as i’m not “overdoing it”, i’m not going to freak if my actual distances are more, it’s just the best system i have to get out there and not either look at a watch every 5 seconds or make myself some freaky mp3 for every single run.

the plan is to do a run about every other day, maybe every day for the really short (<5K) runs

so now i need to get up off of the couch and go run…. i’m getting a cold. poo.

*PEN= John “the Penguin” Bingham – “Have a strategy”

HIG = Hal Higdon – mileage plan

  OWAY = Jeff Galloway – walk/run ratio

mermaid transformation

Posted in #godforbid, beauty, pirates on June 1, 2011 by sambycat

if you follow the disney blog or those darn cats, you may be familiar with the new “mermaid transformation” available at the magic kingdom. it is described thusly:

The Mermaid Transformation Package at The Pirates League is for bold, daring girls who want to evoke the radiant and cool colors of the ocean. This limited-time transformation is for girls who want to have their inner mermaid shine through. The package includes a luminous make-up transformation that evokes the iridescent and vibrant colors of the seas, a full-sized bottle of Pirates of the Caribbean: Mermaid’s Tears Nail Lacquer by O.P.I., a shimmering hair accessory and style, rhinestone face gem, plus a special Pirates League Sheath and a special gift from O.P.I. – the O.P.I. Pirates of the Caribbean Mini Nail Lacquer Set. Make a splash this spring with the Mermaid Transformation Package, only at The Pirates League at Magic Kingdom Park for $29.95, plus tax. But don’t delay, the package will disappear back into the depths of the sea on July 2.

Sounds kinda good, yes? sadly, it looks thisly:

photo credit ~ the disney blog

well i am sure i could do better than this stripey extravganza, which my cohost rightly likened to the visage of one adam ant.

my mermaid transformation would be a little more like this –



more scaley than stripey - a mermaid WIN!!

so, no, i won’t win any MAC cosmetics award and i am not still in the running towards becoming america’s next top model, however, given disney’s love of glitter, how easy would it be to do some pinky cheeks, glossy lips, sort of echoing the look of the mermaids in POTC4?? i mean, i still do not know what the whole pirate sheath is, but c’mon!!!

naked mole rat? anone? anyone?

Posted in #godforbid, blog things on July 30, 2010 by sambycat

more goodness from cakewrecks – so life like!

i'll have a .... foot piece?

more DFTW – Hong Kong style!

Posted in #godforbid, blog things, WDW Wedding on April 8, 2010 by sambycat

i learned from someone over on the dark side that hong kong disney also has weddings although DLRP does not which explains the lack of success i’ve had in the googling department. though i give kudos for the detailed info and pricing available up front (unlike the american DFTW counterpart), i definitely take away points for the lack of creepy videos or menacing wedding guests. when in rome, i suppose….

at times like these

Posted in #godforbid, blog things, disney couture, marry, shopping, WDW Wedding, wish list on March 31, 2010 by sambycat

i wish i could read japanese! i found this link on the dark side to the tokyo disney weddings site. and they sell dresses. dresses which are not my cup of tea, but are more “princess-y” in inspiration than those blah kirstie kelly american ones.

if i were in the market for a princess inspired dress, i would WANT some obvious references to the princess i most loved in the dress – i love the snow white sleeves in ivory!!  i wonder how much they cost. am going to have to investigate translation…

unappreciated disney humor

Posted in #godforbid, jungle cruise on March 20, 2010 by sambycat

whenever i work in OR 10 at leigh hospital, as we wheel around the patient gurney through the door i always say:

“and now…. the backside of the anesthesia machine!!!!”

no one ever gets my joke. 😦