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were YOU at the wedding?

Posted in Disneyland, Haunted Mansion, marry, RIP, youtube on September 13, 2009 by sambycat

great video posted by HoloProject on and forwarded to me via one of the DisneyRoyalLadies – i think the best part may be the shots with guests’ mickey ears obscuing the view…. 😉


don’t get me wrong….

Posted in 23, advertising, D23, Disneyland, i can haz dictionary?, rants on July 29, 2009 by sambycat

in spite of the fact that D23 can’t seem to tell that mine and my boyfriend’s (so far) addresses are different and that we are, in fact, two separate people…. well, i’ve been enjoying it.

so… what to say when i decide to open up the 2 issues of the latest D23 mag (cause trace and i have the same address, right?) that came to my house today…




is that supposed to say MONORAIL? is this some long gone ride of yore that combined MONORAIL and MATTERHORN? am i just delirious after 12 hours of work? WTF??

disneyland HAS haters??? wha?

Posted in blog things, Disneyland, geoff carter, your souvenir guide on July 1, 2009 by sambycat

from the uber fabulous (oh he will just love that) geoff carter comes this for las vegas weekly:

Disneyland is a living piece of American pop art, as prominent a strand in the tapestry as Elvis or Star Wars. Millions of very different people—from Frank Sinatra to Barack Obama to Gwen Stefani to the Shah of Iran—have walked up Main Street, gazing fixedly at Sleeping Beauty Castle. They saw something there that they liked. You might, too, hater.

geoff lists his answers to the frequent complaints cited by those haters that lurk amongst us. i don’t think he’s really got an answer for the whole jonas brothers thing though.

for the E ticket dad

Posted in Disneyland, holidays on June 15, 2009 by sambycat

thanks to trace for linking me to this cute fathers day idea over at the Disney Family website:


awwwwwww!!!!! now if someone crafty could get on that please?

a trip report. of sorts.

Posted in blog things, Disneyland, near death experiences on June 3, 2009 by sambycat

thanks to sizzle, i found this:

I wanted to scream out that it wasn’t really Minnie, that it was some lady pretending to be Minnie, that the real Minnie isn’t made of plastic…but nothing came out, no reaction that was visible to anyone else.








i am jonesing for the happiest place on earth

Posted in Disneyland on May 17, 2009 by sambycat

heres why:

best fantasmic EVER:

what the haunted mansion is SUPPOSED to look like….

best ride ever (no it isn’t pirates!!)-