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strange bedfellows?

Posted in disney rumour mill on August 12, 2009 by sambycat

from a favorite,

David Mamet, Disney and Anne Frank are things that shouldn’t be in the same sentence, let alone movie. But the latest, mouse-funded version of the Diary of a Young Girl is written and helmed by the profanity-lovin’ playwright


tour of the castle? FAIL!!

Posted in AATM, disney rumour mill, news on November 14, 2008 by sambycat


so yesterday a blast went out that WDW AP holders could sign up for a free tour of cinderellas castle as described on AATM # 79 .

well, as i suspected, the dates for 12/15 are long booked. damn my not memorizing my AP number!!!!!!

i’m not one of those “news update” bloggers BUT

Posted in disney rumour mill, near death experiences, news on July 31, 2008 by sambycat

(everyone i know has a big butt – heh! gratuitous pee wee reference)

but my buddy trace forwarded me some of the orlando sentinel press releases and a sketch of some rumored/proposed rehabs upcoming to the caribbean beach resort:



though in agreement with the idea of rehabbing the infernal maze that is CBR as a goal, the thought of these rooms, with the little boat beds and complimentary children pictured above, is somewhat disturbing.
i would be happy with clean sheets, fresh toiletries and a lack of physical hazards… just saying!


Posted in broke hoedown, disney rumour mill, TDC's on June 14, 2008 by sambycat

so. perhaps i didn’t do ALLLLLL the research i could have, but when jennifer and i discussed walt’s feelings towards felines, i knew i was onto something. herewith:


a word from walt? hmmmmmph!


actually, i love this book: check it out!


“disney dossiers: files of character from the walt disney studios – jeff kurtti”

the answer to my prayers

Posted in coffee!, disney rumour mill on April 1, 2008 by sambycat

foxxfur’s recent and timely java post on “the minute by minute guide” plays right into my dreams –  words to make my heart sing!: STARBUCKS AT THE MAGIC KINGDOM!!!!!!!!! and i mean good coffee! good, yuppie, it takes ten words to get a certain kind of cup and it tastes ohhhhh so good!  even better – cause it totally fits with the whole theme is this:


 i read it here



like, the pre-existing decor and everything just fits, right? and the whole “wasted space” thing? c’mon – this is a win-win, even for those of us that loathe “the man” and everything “big box”. finally!!!! a decent use of space – red, velour chair, here i come!!!!!! and make that a triple tall, 5 pump sugar free vanilla, non-fat latte, extra hot.. mmmmmmmmmm!!!