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non-MFer updates (pt. 1)

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to continue along the lines of the upcoming “Name all the creatures!!NAME THEM!!!!” debacle soon to be revealed on AATM, here are 2 snippets of video from the recent non-MFer/Engagement extravaganza 2009:

from these videos i draw 2 conclusions –

1) i have a very large array of facial expressions, in fact, i am somewhat muppet-like

2) i need major neck liposuction-ectomy. eeesh!

and how cute is that fiance of mine??!! 🙂 that is all.


@traceland was busy today

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MJ in Captain Eo

Posted in disney dudes, RIP on June 26, 2009 by sambycat


i saw it in DL. the dudes put the soundtrack up here.

tracefest is here!

Posted in disney dudes, t-shirts, tracefest on April 13, 2009 by sambycat

for as long as i’ve known trace, he was sure he was to spend the big four-oh in the world. and its finally here!!!! woot!

so, trace doesn’t know it YET – but i had dude #1 make up this little tracefest logo for t-shirts we are all gonna wear friday


even if you aren’t going to join us for the rope drop to midnight kiss extravaganza friday at the magic kingdom, you too can get your very own tracefest shirt here!!!!

and don’t tell trace!!!!!!

some sad news out of marceline

Posted in announcement, disney dudes, news, toonfest on March 29, 2009 by sambycat

got some sad news out of marceline last week, via andy the boy, and this is no silly joke…..

the dreaming tree? walts original dreaming tree…. well, its finally done. true, it was not in good shape at all when we saw it last september, but a storm has finished her off…


photo credit: Andy, the boy

 I had the honor of visiting this wonderful place last september, and was able to see the actual tree  


Me and Dude #1

 – and (thank goodness!) SON of the dreaming tree – planted close by, from a shoot of the dreaming tree and watered with water from WDW and soil from the world. how cool is that?


i’ve created a culinary monster (and i like it!)

Posted in disney dudes, recipes, restaurants on January 20, 2009 by sambycat
so, trace and i did dine at the oh-so-posh victoria and albert’s on our recent trip to the world…..

ain't he cute?

today he sent me a link to a place we could dine at on an upcoming trip to DC…. given that apparently they seat 6 per night, i’m guessing we won’t make it on the upcoming trip….but i DID bookmark the place anyway!!! 😉