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shades of green wedding

Posted in blog things, dis-pals, marry, WDW Wedding on January 31, 2010 by sambycat

yes, it is true, i have gone overboard on blogging off of items found at but i can’t help myself!!! especially when, as i was surfing this morning, looking at vendor entries that i am hoping will help us decide whom to choose for our event, i came across wedding pics from shades of green. that’s just one of those places none of us will get to visit and i was curious about it and have a twitter pal who just got married there… so i click on the beautiful pictures….

photo credit: DVArndt photo/ the disney wedding blog

photo credit: DVArndt photo/disney wedding blog

gee….. don’t those two look familiar!!!!! yes, it’s lisa and paul, who were married during the non-MFer last december!! your pictures are beautiful as are the two of you! you look so much in love and so happy! congrats!



Posted in dis-pals, pics, thank yous on August 13, 2008 by sambycat

look what i got today from the delivery man!!! 













yes! from edible arrangements! i have always wanted to try these!


thank you, meggie! that was WAY to generous!!! THANK YOU!!!! 🙂