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i got my membership card!

Posted in blog things, d-list goals on March 27, 2009 by sambycat

so, while all my pals are busy bragging about their new club affiliation, i can now brag about mine!


it’s my official blood donor card! as most of you know, my friend tairy, over at little red’s writing hood & disney tidbits, is doing this fabulous and innovative charity drive for 2009 –


i am eligible to give blood again during tracefest so, upon my return, i shall attempt to donate again. fittingly, apropos of tairy, i am looking into a donation process called “double red”… 😉


what movin’ up from the d-list is all about

Posted in d-list goals, dis-ratti on May 17, 2008 by sambycat

about 6-ish months ago, i started this blog, right before MF07 actually. my disney geekitude had been growing and was nurtured by people like my BFF, the gentle guidance of the boys over at WDWToday and, of course, our first home, with dan! and eric over at MGW.

but i knew i was d-list people, i’m not afraid to say it. i’m way wayyyyy down on the disney community food chain. in fact, some might successfully argue that i would be LUCKY to reach d-list status at all.

don’t hate the playa, people, hate the game.

witness: one t-shirt -NOT MADE BY MYSELF bearing the TDC logo (thanks dan!)

this very thing of manly pursuits in the name of all that is american now also bears the likeness of myself and my bff – in feline disguise of course. check out the miles mike is laying down on his blog – seriously, you will be afraid. and if you aren’t scared, you will be. you will be.

witness: TDC’s bursting forth into the world of disney podcasting – no more filler, boys, now WE are the show!!!!!! meooowww!!

witness: TDC’s appear on AATM podcast, and TDC’s plan to take over the enchantment portion of magic meets this july. i mean we’ve had so much success now that we are the mistress of enchantment and chaos (no capes) and are going to SWW. we may bring back a wookie.


and then there’s lou (very similar in fact to maude).


hey mongello! i think you hear me knockin’ and i’m comin’ in….



shameless self promotion

Posted in d-list goals, podcast on April 1, 2008 by sambycat


yes, it happens to fall during the week of april fool’s, but really – dan! and eric needed, and will be needing still, some breathing room from their complex podcasting, pug raising,  codemonkey-ing, comic illustrating, red’s game attending, re-bonding lives..

now c’mon, who better to fill the void. in fact, that may be thinking wayyyyy too small. jennifer seems to agree that we have a sort of aesthetic, surely, oh , i don’t know, monthly, we could generate something new and fun in the podcast world?? a sort of laughing place, but without the heinous music?

in any event, if you haven’t, or don’t regularly, go take a listen and send LOTS and LOTS of feedback to the boys in the mail room (they LOVE email). unless you hate us, in which case, send it to mongello.

this could be the key to the “c list” and a WHOLE new LOGO!!!!!!!!!

the LFS*

Posted in d-list goals on December 31, 2007 by sambycat

an important question on any one’s mind when they visit a disney theme park or resort is: does this (attraction/show/menu item) meet the LFS?

ok, well, maybe it isn’t YET, but it will be! oh yes, it will be..

tune in to today’s episode of WDW Today and see if you can discern exactly what the LFS is…  i know but i’m not telling!!

*Lisa Farry Standard: as in “this bucket of chicken does not meet the lisa farry standard”

here’s the thing

Posted in d-list goals, MF 07 on December 18, 2007 by sambycat

so mousefest was fun. so i’m planning my return trips and how, with one simple surgical procedure, i may be able to sell a kidney and garner the necessary cash to ensconce myself in the grand villas there at WDW on that whole DVC cult vacation club thingy.

but let’s get real. have i garnered any – ANY? – publicity that can boost me off the d-list? a-lister roll call:

  • looouuuuuuu mentions MGW and myself (huzzah!) on this week’s WDW Radio show
  • the aforementioned MGW – my home sweet home – uses my psychotic spirited MF trip report on the MF follow up show this week.
  • miss kimberly, from the mickey room, refers to me as her peeps! how cute is she, i ask you:   2007-12070100.jpg
  • i score a sidenote on grumpy’s hollow’s (???) (i know i am not punctuating this correctly) hat tip to bff jennifer’s latest jentasmic! piece
  • jonathon dichter stuck a microphone in my face at MF
  • i mentioned TDC’s had actual fans @ MF, right?????  (hey y’all!!! ok – i know there are three of you – one in michigan, 2 in southern cal..)

this is by no means an extensive list, but i think it is a start. and by start, i mean a comprehensive documentation of any and all brushes with greatness that may occur in the disney realm. and it’s allllll about keeping track, people. christmas, schmismass.

also – i think i’m going to have to do the MF ’08 cruise next december. if only newell would be MY pillow, eh matt?

a day on the d-list

Posted in d-list goals, dis-ratti, MF 07 on December 7, 2007 by sambycat

@ 7:24pm last night, i was riding disney’s magical bus system back -yes, I said back people- back to the magic kingdom for mickey’s very merry christmas party. the day began innocently enough, I never did get back to sleep last night, not really, but at least the plane ride was uneventful… [I flew southwest – that was pretty d-list]. arrived on time in orlando and got on the first of many buses i will be luxuriating on this weekend. i toyed with grabbing a cab and flying over to the carribean beach resort, but decided that was too b-list for me.

i reached the magic kingdom about 115pm earlier that afternoon- mousefest 101 was in full swing, dr.scopa giving the sermon on the mouse. actually, i couldn’t hear much, but i was able to identify the following key players:

  • scopa
  • dave marx
  • mongello
  • matt hochberg and his lovely fiancee, marissa
  • mike newell – with his wife
  • dan!
  • eric
  • mouseguest ma and cathy

there were also several chatters from the MGW boards and other sites that i recognized. ok, i use the term “recognize” loosely, as angel had to stand in front of me and wave around his head to toe KISS gear before i got it..

then things took a turn for the freaky.. biblioadonis aka george appeared out of nowhere, said hello, then began to rattle off every podcaster/blogger name i have ever heard and quick succession. and point them out. i was surrounded people. i try to remain calm, but it all started to seem a bit freaky to me. there was a bit of further discussion, then i morphed back over to the MG group. we were given special incentive by mr. hochberg himself to go ask mike newell a certain question about a certain zombie kid i know. we have yet to realize the material benefit from that fateful meeting, but i will keep you updated.

important to note: went to the dole whip meet. on the walk over, met big brian from nc, he introduced me to the large north carolina contingent. and deb! a fan of TDCs!


anywho, again, that dole meet was swarming with them! fred block, ray from bare necessities, oh, and some guy named looouuuuuuuuuuuuu.

ok, and let’s not kid ourselves, most importantly (!), like 4 people identified the TDCs logo on my shirt and either said they loved our segment and/or asked if jennifer was there??!! that was freaky and super cool at the same time!

alright now. it’s actually almost 7am and i need to shower and pack up for today’s events and gratuitous wardrobe changes, so i’ll have to quit.  more about the CBR, MVMCP and dis-ratti soon.. oh yeah, and i am going to have become comfortable – quickly- with pimpin’ “the girl’s ride out” on sunday.

the preparations begin..

Posted in d-list goals, mani/pedi on December 5, 2007 by sambycat

2007_120400081.jpgi’ve been planning and packing. today i got my mickey pedi – get it? mickey shorts and buttons????? i’m almost ready… here’s my itinerary:

  • arrive thursday ~1200p
  • MouseFest 101
  • Chairman’s Kick-off
  • Hidden Mickeys @ the magic kingdom
  • Mickey’s Very Merry Xmas Party
  • friday
  • Beauty & the Beast Meet
  • Star Tours Meet
  • podfest
  • hohoho-lotta lights
  • saturday
  • mega mouse meet
  • fantasmic! meet
  • sunday
  • girl’s ride out!!!!!!!
  • DSI
  • MGW/MDP pirate meet
  • hidden history/MK
  • monday
  • home!

also included for me will be viewing of as many resort xmas decorations as i can get to on those danged busses (very d-list travel, btw). my plans for the meet, though, are more directed and intensive:

  1. meet/pics with as many “A” list podcasters/bloggers/authors as possible: you know who you are
  2. interview as many of the above for MGW as possible
  3. distribute cat swag @ “girl’s ride out”
  4. realize at least 5-count’em 5- internet links/nods/mentions/anything! as a result of said activities

now remember – there is the “regular” me, that is so excited to be going to the resort and finally meeting some people i consider to be great internet friends and see the parks at xmas time. but then there is the d-list lisa that is trying to achieve my b+ list goals…..

to clarify, courtesy of the wiki:

On the Ulmer Scale, the A-list refers to the most bankable movie stars; the C-list refers to the least. D-list refers to a celebrity who would be considered obscure enough not to fit on the scale.

 don’t make me choose people…