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Posted in announcement, blog things, broke hoedown, challenge, thank yous on January 8, 2011 by sambycat

I find the wages of Disney’s Cast Members to be startling low, especially given the excellent level of Guest Service provided overall, and the amazing beyond-the-call-of-duty actions I’ve seen many of them take. The contract that’s currently being re-negotiated is here, on the Unite Here! 362 web site. For wages, scroll down to page 53, and page through the Appendices.

Despite the general economic picture in the US, Disney stock is at an all-time high. C’mon Disney, let’s see more money and health care benefits for the front-line Cast Members who make the magic happen.

my BFF’s recent blog post about current WDW contract negotiations prompted me to send an email to WDW in support of union negotiations. perhaps you might be moved to do the same? click here and send a note of support or perhaps some snail mail of your own? those CMs do so much for us, let’s al take a moment and send them some love too!


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Posted in challenge on October 13, 2009 by sambycat

it’s not like its new or unusual for people to do “fitness challenge” type thing – there’s the biggest loser, a million and one make-over/reality shows and many pals in the Disney Digeratti even that have set various fitness challenges for themselves – so it ain’t re-inventing the wheel.

on that note, my disney dude and i have set ourselves up a little challenge. if you ever read this, or my other blog, you know i had surgery over a year ago on my neck. my return to full fledged jock-like activity has been slow and slug like, but i am feeling much MUCH better now.  in the mean time though, i’ve been being a slug, eating like i am still ms. jockette, and kind of being a little more home bound since my sweetie lives several states away. both of us, in fact, have turned to a bit of comfort eating as a little extra way to soothe ourselves and as a result, we’ve both packed on a little extra pre-winter insulation.

well enough, we say! we’ve made a bet! and though i am not publishing exact numbers and what not, i will whip up some sort of widget to track our progress. i want to lose #15 and fit into all my jeans by the cruise. he wants to drop #26. random number, i know. but we are going to give it a go and see who can meet their goal by 12/5/09 – the day we meet in WDW for our “Not MF-er” cruise…

at stake:

  • i win: he has to get a massage on the cruise (i know this doesn’t really seem like a punishment. but, like a lot of poor, misguided men, he has some kind of aversion to the massage. and my friend donna suggested a pedicure, but he seemed WAYYYYY to into that)
  • he wins: i must purchase him some kind of vinylmation thing on steroids. i am generally not a fan of those vinylmation characters, trace likes them. to make me BUY him one, is kind of a torture indeed.
  • we both fail: punishment must exist but we’ve yet to agree on a punishment. there are many tantalizing plans that would be a serious downer if we have to cancel. maybe cancel dinner at california grill during the xmas fireworks?
  • we both succeed: well, our inherent hotness is really its own reward….

so, we will weigh in each sunday – and i will post a +/- total in a widget. i want to “score” a -15, trace a -26.