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take a moment?

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I find the wages of Disney’s Cast Members to be startling low, especially given the excellent level of Guest Service provided overall, and the amazing beyond-the-call-of-duty actions I’ve seen many of them take. The contract that’s currently being re-negotiated is here, on the Unite Here! 362 web site. For wages, scroll down to page 53, and page through the Appendices.

Despite the general economic picture in the US, Disney stock is at an all-time high. C’mon Disney, let’s see more money and health care benefits for the front-line Cast Members who make the magic happen.

my BFF’s recent blog post about current WDW contract negotiations prompted me to send an email to WDW in support of union negotiations. perhaps you might be moved to do the same? click here and send a note of support or perhaps some snail mail of your own? those CMs do so much for us, let’s al take a moment and send them some love too!


even mickey says

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   my uber articulate podcast partner writes a much better post than i ever could, but i second that emotion.

this should be in jenn’s blog

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my bff , and her SO, mr. broke hoedown, are the kinds of folks who find these tidbits first hand, i, of course, find this stuff by way of sites likejezebel

from the fairer science:

Girls need less storage

…Do you know about the A-DATA Disney mini COB (chip on board) flash memory Disk? No well, let me tell you about them. There are two– first there is the Minnie Mouse who is pink, holds 1 gig and sells for $9.99. Then of course there is Mickey Mouse who is, yup blue, stores 2 gigs and sells for $14.99…. If you want to complain about Minnie and Mickey (oh my who would want to do that?) try Fry’s customer service because I’m assuming you will have better luck with them than Disney, especially since I can’t figure out from the website how you would contact Disney…

hmmmph! i’ll have to ask minnie what she thinks about this, i think the cats and another pal are going to visit her at her place next week…. 


jake goes VIRAL!

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ok, so my bff ALREADY blogged this, but given the fact that the WDW Today theme song remains on my “sing along in the shower” ipod playlist, you know i couldn’t NOT post it myself too!!!!


nice work, blixzit! you can check out jake @ his blog the world for one!


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so. perhaps i didn’t do ALLLLLL the research i could have, but when jennifer and i discussed walt’s feelings towards felines, i knew i was onto something. herewith:


a word from walt? hmmmmmph!


actually, i love this book: check it out!


“disney dossiers: files of character from the walt disney studios – jeff kurtti”

what are bff’s for?

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if not to mortify you on the internets?

not that jennifer’s bitter

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check out the top 10 reasons why my bff is cool with NOT being here..