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take a moment?

Posted in announcement, blog things, broke hoedown, challenge, thank yous on January 8, 2011 by sambycat

I find the wages of Disney’s Cast Members to be startling low, especially given the excellent level of Guest Service provided overall, and the amazing beyond-the-call-of-duty actions I’ve seen many of them take. The contract that’s currently being re-negotiated is here, on the Unite Here! 362 web site. For wages, scroll down to page 53, and page through the Appendices.

Despite the general economic picture in the US, Disney stock is at an all-time high. C’mon Disney, let’s see more money and health care benefits for the front-line Cast Members who make the magic happen.

my BFF’s recent blog post about current WDW contract negotiations prompted me to send an email to WDW in support of union negotiations. perhaps you might be moved to do the same? click here and send a note of support or perhaps some snail mail of your own? those CMs do so much for us, let’s al take a moment and send them some love too!


ayi mammi

Posted in blog things on August 10, 2010 by sambycat

naked mole rat? anone? anyone?

Posted in #godforbid, blog things on July 30, 2010 by sambycat

more goodness from cakewrecks – so life like!

i'll have a .... foot piece?

more DFTW – Hong Kong style!

Posted in #godforbid, blog things, WDW Wedding on April 8, 2010 by sambycat

i learned from someone over on the dark side that hong kong disney also has weddings although DLRP does not which explains the lack of success i’ve had in the googling department. though i give kudos for the detailed info and pricing available up front (unlike the american DFTW counterpart), i definitely take away points for the lack of creepy videos or menacing wedding guests. when in rome, i suppose….

at times like these

Posted in #godforbid, blog things, disney couture, marry, shopping, WDW Wedding, wish list on March 31, 2010 by sambycat

i wish i could read japanese! i found this link on the dark side to the tokyo disney weddings site. and they sell dresses. dresses which are not my cup of tea, but are more “princess-y” in inspiration than those blah kirstie kelly american ones.

if i were in the market for a princess inspired dress, i would WANT some obvious references to the princess i most loved in the dress – i love the snow white sleeves in ivory!!  i wonder how much they cost. am going to have to investigate translation…

hunchback question

Posted in #godforbid, blog things, pole dancing, poll, youtube on March 1, 2010 by sambycat

given the rise os “stripper culture” in these here united states, would disney still put in a brief, yet seemingly purposeful, reference to pole dancing in this scene were it being made today? they could have miley could do the voice, right? or is that too obvious?

food for thought

Posted in blog things, WDW Wedding, youtube on February 11, 2010 by sambycat

the wedding planning process rolls along and includes much googling. came across this posting of the show “unwrapped” on the disney wedding blogs archives… yum!