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and apparently you can elect our cake king of the prom here. vote every day until the end of the month or february 26th. whichever comes first.

time to tie the knot

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take a moment?

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I find the wages of Disney’s Cast Members to be startling low, especially given the excellent level of Guest Service provided overall, and the amazing beyond-the-call-of-duty actions I’ve seen many of them take. The contract that’s currently being re-negotiated is here, on the Unite Here! 362 web site. For wages, scroll down to page 53, and page through the Appendices.

Despite the general economic picture in the US, Disney stock is at an all-time high. C’mon Disney, let’s see more money and health care benefits for the front-line Cast Members who make the magic happen.

my BFF’s recent blog post about current WDW contract negotiations prompted me to send an email to WDW in support of union negotiations. perhaps you might be moved to do the same? click here and send a note of support or perhaps some snail mail of your own? those CMs do so much for us, let’s al take a moment and send them some love too!

shocking development!

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i am not quite sure when this happened, as i was in the world last january and had just recorded the entire “top seven with stacy” and – other than adding in “toy story midway mania” – all was right with the world.

imagine the shock and horror when, upon checking in on this last trip at ASMovies, i immediately clicked on the TV and saw THIS:

(only before i taped it, it was a whole lot less shaky…. in any event i realized quickly that holding a camera in front of the tv was not the way to go – but i HAD to bring the news out!!!)

OK. i am not sure what they have dome to and with my stacy. i am generally not a fan of writing negative things about peoples appearances – especially women – in the blog format or elsewhere for that matter (unless you are a sasquatch and you know who you are) but c’mon!!!!! stacy! you look like your own older, sadder sister! just dowdy and dreary! they’ve put her in frowsy outfits in the interspliced “talking head” sections, and she just looks tired!     our stacy is bouncy and energetic, not tired with unfortunate hair.

gone is “yummy! yummy! yummy! (insert yummies here)”. gone is “humunga cowabunga!”  gone is “love roller coasters!  love aerosmith! hellllooooo???!!!”!! even gone is the pent-ultimate stacy-ism: “look at all the lazy people in the lazy river”. UG.

i can sort of see why the change was made, and am hopeful that it is a temporary one. there is no mention of the triple mountain whammy (space mountain, as we geeks know, is down for a rehab for several months) – but would you call Dumbo/Splash Mountain/Small World the magic kingdom’s top must sees? some of the “original” footage is there, and there is some new “stacy in the parks” but even in that, she just doesn’t have the old stacy magic. and the little bippity boppity song is gone too. finally they YOMD footage is gone, some WWYC is in their, as well as, currently, mention of the epcot flower and garden festival.

some may be heartened that the complete show runs just over, say, 15 minutes – i’ve recorded the audio for future generations and will certainly feature it on the podcast at some point.

but my trip was just a little sadder at some moments, knowing i wouldn’t be ending my days with “let’s ride!”

sad but true

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by the time you all see this, trace will know the truth – i bought the damn D23 – that i still am annoyed with – the day it came out. for both of us.

curse my day off and addiction to the internet! arg! well, at least i no longer have to lie about having bought the damn thing.

some sad news out of marceline

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got some sad news out of marceline last week, via andy the boy, and this is no silly joke…..

the dreaming tree? walts original dreaming tree…. well, its finally done. true, it was not in good shape at all when we saw it last september, but a storm has finished her off…


photo credit: Andy, the boy

 I had the honor of visiting this wonderful place last september, and was able to see the actual tree  


Me and Dude #1

 – and (thank goodness!) SON of the dreaming tree – planted close by, from a shoot of the dreaming tree and watered with water from WDW and soil from the world. how cool is that?


it’s deja vu all over again?

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soooo…. is this countdown actually going to deliver on it’s timeline (see below)? 

yawn. i hope so…….. let’s see if mr. finch is more timely than the BOD of Disney….. i wonder if i’m working that day…..

MF cancelled….

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ok. that’s random.

look here for more info.

i”m thinkin’ “mouse-a-pa-looza 2009”?  who’s with me?