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goat goat goat

Posted in advertising on April 21, 2013 by sambycat

have you seen the “Free Billy” campaign over at “Free the Disney Goat”? It’s silly but fun. There is a video and some audio telling the story of our favorite caprine friend from big thunder mountain telling us what he’d like to do if he only had 3 days….


i *think* he may have met his goal, but it’s still kind of fun and he does have a twitter feed. i kind of feel he needs to hit the bibbidi bobbidi boutique, myself.

for the record, i find the “viral” attempt at marketing a touch more fun and believable then the recent dragon stuff.  JM.02


don’t get me wrong….

Posted in 23, advertising, D23, Disneyland, i can haz dictionary?, rants on July 29, 2009 by sambycat

in spite of the fact that D23 can’t seem to tell that mine and my boyfriend’s (so far) addresses are different and that we are, in fact, two separate people…. well, i’ve been enjoying it.

so… what to say when i decide to open up the 2 issues of the latest D23 mag (cause trace and i have the same address, right?) that came to my house today…




is that supposed to say MONORAIL? is this some long gone ride of yore that combined MONORAIL and MATTERHORN? am i just delirious after 12 hours of work? WTF??

this should be in jenn’s blog

Posted in advertising, broke hoedown, feminism on August 21, 2008 by sambycat

my bff , and her SO, mr. broke hoedown, are the kinds of folks who find these tidbits first hand, i, of course, find this stuff by way of sites likejezebel

from the fairer science:

Girls need less storage

…Do you know about the A-DATA Disney mini COB (chip on board) flash memory Disk? No well, let me tell you about them. There are two– first there is the Minnie Mouse who is pink, holds 1 gig and sells for $9.99. Then of course there is Mickey Mouse who is, yup blue, stores 2 gigs and sells for $14.99…. If you want to complain about Minnie and Mickey (oh my who would want to do that?) try Fry’s customer service because I’m assuming you will have better luck with them than Disney, especially since I can’t figure out from the website how you would contact Disney…

hmmmph! i’ll have to ask minnie what she thinks about this, i think the cats and another pal are going to visit her at her place next week…. 


elle – march 2008

Posted in advertising on March 5, 2008 by sambycat


“acid trip” fashion layout

(fyi – helmet by jeremy scott – $1200)

so sad i made that “no more metallic flats” new year’s resolution


Posted in advertising on February 6, 2008 by sambycat

i came across this ad in this month’s GQ magazine (so i like fashion tips for men – or is it the male models zoolandering-ing out on the pages). that rachel bilson chick is so super skinny! geez. obviously, it MUST be disney related or why would i be posting it, right? but i flipped right over some ads in the mag ’till i noticed a certain familiar face (i think she ran the half marathon right next to me) and the gloved hand (no, not michael jackson). i had to go back through it then and – honestly now! – it’s kind of awesome, isn’t it?


golf and race cars with usher!


hunt for the elusive albino mongello!


cherry tomatoes + sweater vest = crazy delicious!



get your fez on!


i know it isn’t going to make hipsters go to disney more, i guess, but the way they emphasize the “adult” things to do, i found it appealing. along the same lines as the leibowitz photos – i guess i just like seeing an ad for disney NOT aimed at soccer moms and mini-vans full of small children (ouch. sorry, i know).  of course, i guess these various players are supposed to add up to families, but the kids are more like accessories here. and the “girlfriend” or wife whatever – she looks like the mom here at the end, right??

what do you think? besides that matt has those same sunglasses.