last run and packing up

just to get this part out of the way –

ran on the 2nd: 3.75 miles in 48:10, @12.8 min/mile

i still feel sore from my yoga DVD and have just done stretching since.

we are packing up now. early flight tomorrow. went to the doctor today – he is going to increase my BP medicine, i agree that my diastolic hasn’t come down enough, so i need to increase my dose. but, wisely, since apparently the drug i’ve been taking (samples) is non-formulary ($$$), he gave me enough of an increased dose for the next week, then, when i return home, i will switch to a generic medicine and revisit in a month. i feel pretty good from that end of things.

i feel absolutely insane today. have had a little bit of everything to deal with and no tying up of loose ends in sight. whereas last weekend i was getting giddy about going to WDW, today i feel sick. i’m stressed, i’m completely focused on everything negative (shocker) and really feeling worried about home affairs (dogs, kiddo, house, etc..) while we are gone.

trace’s toe is still hurting and i am driving us both crazy because he can’t somehow do everything the way i, the graduate trained medical professional, would and i am hoping he doesn’t have to run me down with his wheel chair in the parks and not have to worry about a first anniversary present for me… did you know the first anniversary is the “paper” anniversary? right now, mine would say i’m certifiable.

i also have to admit that i am depressed and angry at myself that the christmas 6, ok, christmas EIGHTFUCKINGPOUNDS i’ve put on since turkey day are actually on my fat ass right now so that instead of being the lightest in the last 2 years, i’m going into this feeling like a snausage in all of the “old” clothes i was enjoying being back in beginning of december.


so i’m worried and freaking out. what else is new?


3 Responses to “last run and packing up”

  1. I may actually finish packing before midnight! I have to get up at 5 am so I can be to the airport for my 8am flight out…. Stinky layover in Atlanta then onto MCO, should be there at 12:45. Magical Express to Pop to meet Pops and get checked into the room and somehow manage to squeeze a 2 mile run in once I get there…

    Don’t worry, you’re not the only one freaking out at this point 🙂

  2. sambycat Says:

    i *know* that and it helps to hear it! i just finished my herbal tea and calm. trying o mellow. have a safe flight tomorrow and don’t you over do it in the next couple days either!

  3. wdwalone Says:

    Totally relate to all this….I have a 3:45am shuttle call in the morning – UGH!

    I am almost done packing. All of a sudden I have a sore throat so I’m stressed about that. I too am not thrilled will all my clothing options for the half and full – my own fault of course. I always worry about my dogs and the house – thank god for a good pet sitter! I’m sure I’m forgetting something super important…

    Oh and did I mention that I missed my run today because there’s not enough hours to get it all done?

    Deep breath and I’ll get through it – so will you, I promise!

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