it’s just about time

right off the bat, heres (all) i’ve done since xmas (aka not much)-


my blood pressure is doing well, better, not bottoming out or anything but high normal and i return to the doctor’s office tuesday morning. my uterus has calmed. i’m feeling ok. work has been kicking my butt and although i swear i can see the tiniest bit of evidence to the naked eye that the days are getting longer…. must be getting longer!!!!!

we leave on wednesday. this weekend it hit me that I’M GOING TO DISNEYWORLD!!!!!

but –

  • trace broke his toe accidentally stubbing it on a piece of furniture last week, so he’s not even racing. i’m COMPLETELY stressing on how he is going to get around and how wildly optimistic and pessimistic his idea of how/what we are/can do are. i need to just shut up and go with the flow, as crush would say, but instead i am a ball of anxiety, stress and irritation. and his poor toe just looks awful. poor toe.
  • i fell way short in my last long run attempt yesterday. hell, i was still sore from my christmas eve run! i *hope* to go reattempt tomorrow. today i did a baron baptiste yoga dvd i have always loved and was reminded of how freaking hard yoga is! but a nice stretch and reminder of all the poses in my sun salutations – and i see in posting the link that i need to de-rust myself and then visit jennifer and baron in boston! ooooooooo!
  • i am nervous and excited and calm and depressed about the whole race thing. i don’t think i’ve trained well enough to meet my goals since thanksgiving. it’s going to be tough. and while, before last week, i was stressing about how hard it would be to NOT hang out with my hubby in the same spot and in the same corral and then to “run off” with out him, now all i think about is being there by myself (in a crowd of thousands with a few hundred close friends sprinkled in) and so when i don’t meet my goal, i can’t blame t on anyone else or me lagging back because i feel bad. it’s all on me.

i’ll try and sign on once again before we go. doing mad packing and finishing our 5K costumes – apparently i will be rolling jose through the race 🙂


3 Responses to “it’s just about time”

  1. I just did my 10 mile that I was supposed to do yesterday… who wants to run on New Years Eve?? All on treadmill… staring at a blank white wall for 2 hours, 54 minutes and 50 seconds. I had podcasts going. It landed on Paul & Ricky’s ‘Ear in Review’ Show… so that was actually longer than my run. That helped the mind numbing BOREDOM some.

    My pace SUCKS! Admittedly, I did just start running this past March… but I’m rather worried that I’ll get swept…

    I see your training schedule is the same one I was/am following! 🙂

    Sorry to hear about Trace! 😦 I’m sure he’ll manage to get around.

    I’m looking at possibly going to see Yehaa Bob Thursday night. I get into Pop Century Wednesday afternoon.

  2. You’ve got this Lisa!! You appear to have kept your pace up beter than I did for the in my trainig for Disneyland this past September and I got through. I was far from proud of my time but I finished and got in a few pics along the way, which I wasn’t able to do in the WDW half in 2011. Just remember to enjoy the event. I’m very jealous and think I need to get signed up for another Disney race. Have fun!!

    Kipp keep a positive view and keep plugging along. If I, as an overweight 48 year old non-runner, can finish without getting swept I believe just about anybody can. If you’ve trained, you’ve got it!! Have fun.

  3. wdwalone Says:

    Ah, the trials and tribulations of WDW races huh?

    I am sorry to hear about Trace’s toe. I broke a toe once, that’s no fun at all. Rent him a wheelchair and push him in the 5K – it’ll be fine I promise :)!

    Yoga is hard – I need to get back to doing it, it’s so good for the joints and muscles.

    Every run you’ve done will help with the races, even if you don’t think they were long enough. Be careful doing any long runs this close to the races. You need to give your legs time to recover and repair from any damage from a long run. Instead of going for distance, try shorter distances with high intensity. Again, be careful to not do harm this close to race day!

    I know exactly what you mean about the whole emotional rollercoaster. I went and did a 5K race yesterday and all I could think the whole time is that I’m never going to be able to do the Dopey. I’m going to get swept, I’m not going to finish, etc…Just trust in the training you have done and know that you can do this.

    Now, I really have to go do some packing myself since I head out very, very early on Wednesday and have to work tomorrow :)!

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