would you care for some cheese to go with this WHINE?

let me preface by saying that i know i am blessed in my life and so very grateful to have the love and company of family and friends. to have a job that allows myself and by extension my family the ability to do the things we want (within reason!) and live in a home and have health insurance. and 2 cars to get us around in. and something about world peace here as well because here is my week in a teeny tiny nutshell of whine…. and really none of it has a thing to do with running. which is why the whining comes in.

no running since last weekend. it’s incredibly busy at the hospital(s) that i work at and i was hoping for some short runs during the week, trying to add my mileage on the weekends and just aiming to keep up my current endurance level and hopefully not backslide during these shorter daylight hours filled with dietary temptations. and, if i got off early one day, get a longer run in, but just try and hit those weekends. this was my plan.

so 2 things, but first, keep in mind that i am now 45 and have had borderline high blood pressures off and on over the last few years. never have taken BP meds or had problems in that direction when i was much heavier, just kind of having higher BPs despite exercise since 40. i don’t really have an “internist” and nothing has been insane enough to scare any practitioner i’ve seen, but i’ve brought it up to people and have been kind of poo-poohed about it. also, increasing age, elevated BP and birth control pills are usually not a good thing so that’s been in the back of my mind as well.

well, long story short, i had an appointment wednesday to get an IUD placed. this was a second attempt and i won’t go into the whole rigamoll but let me just say, upon arrival my BP was 160/100 from the sheer expectation and excitement of attempting this office procedure again. so basically, it is in, i couldn’t go to work thursday and am taking NSAIDs and lortabs when not at work. it is better than the first night and next day, but i’m feeling very like someone has a voodoo doll of me and they keep pulling its internal organs out.

after talking with my GYN doc – who is awesome – i was able to finally get an appt to evaluate my BP this morning at trace’s doctor’s office. and it was 178/120. oh yes. in both arms. so after taking freaking clonidine, getting an EKG, blood draws and waiting an hour and rechecking my BP (then down to like 160/90), i was sent home with BP meds, and rx to fill and take PRN if my BP is high like that again and instructions to go get a home BP cuff (side note taking your own BP with  cuff and sphygmomanometer – love that word! my econd favorite science word after “phospho-lipid bilayer” i is awkward).

so i am sure you can only imagine how young, vibrant and in shape i must feel at this moment!

trace got me the BP monitor – i’m 133/83 at the moment. actually just in the last hour i feel a little better than i have all day. my BP right now is at the median to high end of where its been over the last few years that noone has cared all that much about. even thinking about it right now, i’m remembering that even like nearly 10 years ago (eek) in yoga class i was wondering if i were going to stroke out cause i can hear my BP pounding in my ears in certain positions. ah denial, it ain’t just a river in egypt ya’know….

feeling like i’m actually doing better right now. two hours ago i was thinking i was done for the weekend, but, after another handful of tylenol and motrin, and a big ol’ nap, i’m actually moving around. ao i wil check my BP in the morning and go from there. maybe i will get something short at least in and take it from there.

i was feeling really depressed this morning. now, i’m relieved i’m getting follow up on the BP. i’m annoyed that my recent loss of 25# hasn’t made that go away, but my EKG was normal and they are checking into other blood work etc. i have some meds and can check as asked to. my diet isn’t completely heinous, but there is more temptation for me this time of year and i need to reexamine. and i definitely need to figure out how to better handle the many stressors i feel right now.


i’m trying.










2 Responses to “would you care for some cheese to go with this WHINE?”

  1. I’m glad you’re getting that BP issue checked in to…You know as well as anyone that those numbers aren’t normal. I hope things settle down for you in that area.

    Don’t worry too much about not getting miles. You won’t backslide. Just do what you can when you can and take care of yourself, that’s way more important!

  2. Blood pressure has been/is a concern of mine as well. Five years ago when I dropped weight my pressure came down no problem. Now, after having spent the past several months trying to lose weight “again”, I’m finding it surprising that my BP is still on the high side. I don’t quite understand why. Since last August my resting HR has dropped from over 70 BPM into the mid 40s. When hitting the gym months ago my HR on the eliptical would shoot up into the 170-180 range. Today 38 lbs lighter the same effort on that machine puts me in the 120-130 range. So I’m puzzled that my BP is still high. We have an automated BP machine at home which I should start using. My last two readings were at clinics. Like you I don’t want to go on a lifetime of meds for something I feel should be in my control. So far my Dr agrees with me. I’m planning a full physical this next year after I lose another 15 lbs.

    Sorry to hear that “post procedure” your body is having issues. Hope this next week is better for you.

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