monday monday

back from a whirl wind trip to america’s heartland, where it now is pitch black at, oh, about 4:30 pm – even with a full moon. we had fun visiting family and friends, but did nothing but drive long ditances, eat inappropriate foods (i think i may have had a vegetable at some point….) and yap endlessly with family. good times.

fortunately, although the weather has turned crazy warm again, i was able to get out for an hour. it’s not quite dark yet at 5:45… i did an amazing slow 4.47 miles at a lumbering pace of 14.1 minutes/mile.

slow and steady wins the race, no?


One Response to “monday monday”

  1. Hey, you got out there and that’s 99% of the battle. Any time on your feet no matter the pace is going to help you during the race. You know the excitement and activity at the race will help you pick up your pace and keep you moving.

    Just keep getting out there and getting those miles in – you’re doing great!

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