mermaid transformation

if you follow the disney blog or those darn cats, you may be familiar with the new “mermaid transformation” available at the magic kingdom. it is described thusly:

The Mermaid Transformation Package at The Pirates League is for bold, daring girls who want to evoke the radiant and cool colors of the ocean. This limited-time transformation is for girls who want to have their inner mermaid shine through. The package includes a luminous make-up transformation that evokes the iridescent and vibrant colors of the seas, a full-sized bottle of Pirates of the Caribbean: Mermaid’s Tears Nail Lacquer by O.P.I., a shimmering hair accessory and style, rhinestone face gem, plus a special Pirates League Sheath and a special gift from O.P.I. – the O.P.I. Pirates of the Caribbean Mini Nail Lacquer Set. Make a splash this spring with the Mermaid Transformation Package, only at The Pirates League at Magic Kingdom Park for $29.95, plus tax. But don’t delay, the package will disappear back into the depths of the sea on July 2.

Sounds kinda good, yes? sadly, it looks thisly:

photo credit ~ the disney blog

well i am sure i could do better than this stripey extravganza, which my cohost rightly likened to the visage of one adam ant.

my mermaid transformation would be a little more like this –



more scaley than stripey - a mermaid WIN!!

so, no, i won’t win any MAC cosmetics award and i am not still in the running towards becoming america’s next top model, however, given disney’s love of glitter, how easy would it be to do some pinky cheeks, glossy lips, sort of echoing the look of the mermaids in POTC4?? i mean, i still do not know what the whole pirate sheath is, but c’mon!!!


2 Responses to “mermaid transformation”

  1. wdwalone Says:

    Yeah…I saw that Disney blog post and thought it was pretty cheesy and I wouldn’t want to pay the money for what they have shown.

    Your look however is much more mermaidy – nicely done :)!

  2. Scaley beauty! Now all you need is a pirate sheath. Whatever that is.

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