i undertook a little marking of the territory if you will at trace’s home in saginaw this last week…

BR before

the color happens to be "fortune teller"

i MADE stencils people!

haunted-y goodness!

* do it yourself haunted mansion bathroom. duh.

5 Responses to “DIY HM BR*”

  1. That is totally awesome. Great job on the stencils!!

  2. […] In other news… BFF posted pictures today of her super-cool DIY Haunted Mansion bathroom refurb. Check it. […]

  3. Ken In Atlanta Says:

    Love it… although the idea of a haunted bathroom is very scary.

  4. For some strange reason, I suddenly have the urge to GO.

  5. […] DIY HM BR* February 2010 4 comments 5 […]

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