challenge central

it’s not like its new or unusual for people to do “fitness challenge” type thing – there’s the biggest loser, a million and one make-over/reality shows and many pals in the Disney Digeratti even that have set various fitness challenges for themselves – so it ain’t re-inventing the wheel.

on that note, my disney dude and i have set ourselves up a little challenge. if you ever read this, or my other blog, you know i had surgery over a year ago on my neck. my return to full fledged jock-like activity has been slow and slug like, but i am feeling much MUCH better now.  in the mean time though, i’ve been being a slug, eating like i am still ms. jockette, and kind of being a little more home bound since my sweetie lives several states away. both of us, in fact, have turned to a bit of comfort eating as a little extra way to soothe ourselves and as a result, we’ve both packed on a little extra pre-winter insulation.

well enough, we say! we’ve made a bet! and though i am not publishing exact numbers and what not, i will whip up some sort of widget to track our progress. i want to lose #15 and fit into all my jeans by the cruise. he wants to drop #26. random number, i know. but we are going to give it a go and see who can meet their goal by 12/5/09 – the day we meet in WDW for our “Not MF-er” cruise…

at stake:

  • i win: he has to get a massage on the cruise (i know this doesn’t really seem like a punishment. but, like a lot of poor, misguided men, he has some kind of aversion to the massage. and my friend donna suggested a pedicure, but he seemed WAYYYYY to into that)
  • he wins: i must purchase him some kind of vinylmation thing on steroids. i am generally not a fan of those vinylmation characters, trace likes them. to make me BUY him one, is kind of a torture indeed.
  • we both fail: punishment must exist but we’ve yet to agree on a punishment. there are many tantalizing plans that would be a serious downer if we have to cancel. maybe cancel dinner at california grill during the xmas fireworks?
  • we both succeed: well, our inherent hotness is really its own reward….

so, we will weigh in each sunday – and i will post a +/- total in a widget. i want to “score” a -15, trace a -26.



4 Responses to “challenge central”

  1. Trace the Disney Dude Says:

    I’m down 1 pound!!

  2. I have faith that you both can make your goals!! But money’s on Lisa!! Luv ya!

  3. Woot! I’ll be cheering for you both!

  4. Okay, I know I’m dude and really should back Trace, especially since many people will bet on you. But sorry Trace. My money is on the Cat.

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