don’t get me wrong….

in spite of the fact that D23 can’t seem to tell that mine and my boyfriend’s (so far) addresses are different and that we are, in fact, two separate people…. well, i’ve been enjoying it.

so… what to say when i decide to open up the 2 issues of the latest D23 mag (cause trace and i have the same address, right?) that came to my house today…




is that supposed to say MONORAIL? is this some long gone ride of yore that combined MONORAIL and MATTERHORN? am i just delirious after 12 hours of work? WTF??


5 Responses to “don’t get me wrong….”

  1. WTF indeed. Proofread FAIL

  2. Hugh Heaton Says:

    I’ll trade my bobsled for a monroail patch:)

  3. That’s just awesome.

  4. CAn you say collectible?

  5. That is hilarious!

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