some sad news out of marceline

got some sad news out of marceline last week, via andy the boy, and this is no silly joke…..

the dreaming tree? walts original dreaming tree…. well, its finally done. true, it was not in good shape at all when we saw it last september, but a storm has finished her off…


photo credit: Andy, the boy

 I had the honor of visiting this wonderful place last september, and was able to see the actual tree  


Me and Dude #1

 – and (thank goodness!) SON of the dreaming tree – planted close by, from a shoot of the dreaming tree and watered with water from WDW and soil from the world. how cool is that?


3 Responses to “some sad news out of marceline”

  1. Awww… That is so sad! 😦

    At least the dreaming tree’s son will take over the family business. That’s good news!

  2. Lisa (aka LouDisney Says:

    That is very sad. 😦

  3. Andie The Girl Says:

    I’m so glad we got to see it when we did and all together!!! wheeeeeeee!

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