so by now any disney freak worth their salt has been engaging in discussion about “what is 23?” i’ve seen the gamut from “it’s a joke”, “must be some imagineer’s kid’s birthday today” to “its the next club 33” and “it’s the new mousefest”.

hmmmm. ok.

well, i happened to be off today and actually wasted a few minutes of my life to stare at the 23 ticker thats been going off for god knows how long… and then i got this:



woot! haha. NOT.

i’m annoyed. i’m annoyed and although i am betting that i will probably shell out the $$ for this membership (especially if that is the only way to get some of the cool looking merchon the site-which does seem to be the case), i’m pissed.

i put my goofy little email on their roster. the magazine is already on newstands (for a lovely $15.95 per), FAQs and inserts and info is already out there. oh and MF was cancelled. of course, there is speculation about…. perhaps a corporate influence, take over…whatever of the entity once known as mousefest TM. and what was the point of signing up or paying any attention to yet ANOTHER disney moneygrab? meh.

i guess i can get the honor of getting to buy expensive stuff and only pay 75 bucks as opposed to next year when it’ll be 89.99. then 101 (like the dalmatians).


UPDATE: so here’s the “official” website and all….


5 Responses to “BRAVO SIERRA”

  1. Lisa (aka LouDisney) Says:

    I’m annoyed as well.

  2. That TOTALLY sucks! I think I’ll just stick to DisFriends and the various forums.

  3. […] would’ve forgotten that the new D23 site was due to launch any minute, had I not just read my BFF’s rant calling Bravo Sierra on the whole deal. And whaddya know, a little google brought me to the D23 site itself, online […]

  4. sambycat Says:

    girl – i keep trying to find a secret email for you and i don’t know why i can’t. re: slumdogs – SPOILER! trace says there is some kind of eye gouging involving kids and creating better beggars. there i have said it. ew.

  5. Lisa (aka LouDisney) Says:

    ew is right. Thanks, I will try and be prepared…lol
    I’m going to send you an email over at DisFriends, and give you my email.

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