AND tinkerbell can see russia from her house!

no, really! you did FINE on that interview!!!! we swear!!!

thanks to for the link to this mornings ground breaking tinkerbell interview:

This morning Good Morning America featured a shameless promotion for the new movie Tinker Bell (ABC, as you’ll remember, is owned by Disney). In Tink’s interview with anchor Chris Cuomo, the animated sprite spewed anti-science propaganda, claiming that leaves changing color, fireflies, and rainbows are all the work of fairies. The children in the studio, dumbfounded by explanations for natural phenomena that fly in the face of everything their parents taught them about chlorophyll, bioluminescence, and light refraction, just stared into the cameras aghast.

you simply MUST click here—–>

and i can highly recommend the first few comments on the post as well… heh! i’m also a little frightened that tink goes macgyver on her mic by sticking a paperclip into it WHILE IT IS LIVE being watched by little kids…. but then i too believe in like chlorophyll and stuff..


3 Responses to “AND tinkerbell can see russia from her house!”

  1. Dude.

    I have to agree with this comment from the site: “I thought Tinkerbell was basically a jealous, saucy little number, not this winsome kindergarten teacher that I see here.”

  2. So wait what Tink was saying is not true? Say it ain’t so Lisa. Say it ain’t so.

  3. Well that fell flat didn’t it? (pun not directed at the flat cats)
    Disney could have been far more creative here. Hell I could have been more creative. Hello Disney could I have a job? Please?

    The set up has horrible. Simply put this was nothing more than a quick introduction to who the other fairies are. Perhaps they should have just shown a brief clip and had Tink introduce it.

    As for the Kids I was left wondering if they actually watched the clip. They just looked bored. Perhaps they could have gone slightly older and with kids that might have played along with the gag.

    Actually the true DVD preview for Tinkerbell looked good. But perhaps one should be cautious. I mean this is a direct to DVD film (something I thought Bob Igor was going to end) and it did take them a year to record Tink’s dialog.

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