team voice!

most folks know i recently had surgery that precluding any type of “impact” (high or low) exercises in august. most folks also know that, like last year, i am entered to do the half marathon in january.

kinda effs with the whole training thing, huh??!!

i have been slowly getting back into low impact exercise. last week i started back to work and prior had done a couple of ~ 3.5 mile “wogs”. despite impressing myself with my overall times on my previous “runs” (and by impress i mean, not fall over and die, finish it and actually have a time shorter that the first 5K i ever ran (which i did jog mostly) ). this makes me optimistic that even where i am starting from now, i know i won’t get swept and maybe my goal of a) jogging the entire race and b) finishing at 2 1/2 hours is at least within the realm of possibility.

so imagine my delight when i heard my name come up on this weeks AATM podcast! AND to further delight me, dr. scopa remembered me and the late night conversation we had saturday night at magic meets – the night when overcame my “scopaphobia”.

check out the episode if you havent already. jonathon and bryan always do a great job, they have a nice mix of topics and interviews and i am pleased to call them friends after our inauspicious face to face meet at mousefest last year. jonathon is a huge inspiration to me goal wise, while bryan is my go to guy for weird podcast questions (and florida weather alert news updates).

this cat says “check it out!”


2 Responses to “team voice!”

  1. Cool! Since I’m just about caught up with AATM so when I get to this week’s episode, I’ll have to listen out for it!

  2. Deb from Michigan Says:

    So glad to hear you are doing well! I’m training for the race too, and hope to jog MOST of the race, but there will definitely be some wogging near the end. Can’t wait to see you there!

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