a wonderful series of posts about marceline

can be found at the blog of my pal, jeff w, over at snowy tundra training. i doubt most who read this blog do not already read his site as well, but just in case you dont, please check out his three posts about the day we all met up at toonfest!

i have copious audio from the trip – i was there a long weekend – most of it is friends goofing around, but i did manage to capture some of the hosts of the events, contributing artists and the like talking about marceline and toonfest. and walt! i’d been mulling over how to get this into a TDCs sized show (we aim for 30″), but i think i will just put together this one supersized show, utilising the funny and the serious and nostalgic bits all at once….

so don’t freak if you are a listener and next weeks show is 2 hours long!


2 Responses to “a wonderful series of posts about marceline”

  1. Those are some excellent trip reports. I can’t wait to hear the show this week!

  2. Could you tell me again what time the 10 o’clock parade starts?

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