ariel could take a lesson or two

from delores del lago!

i’m sorry to pick on poor ariel, but i am so having a bette midler moment (or three) here at home. i mean – and no dis to pat carrol – but cmon! the divine miss m would have been a divine miss ursula, no? well, has she been a disney villain? i mean forget that hocus pocus nonsense?

singing along to this has reminded me, that when i first hear and used to sing a long to the andrews sisters version as a little girl, i thought reveille was an adjective. not a song. like reveille – from the french meaning with revel-ment or something…


One Response to “ariel could take a lesson or two”

  1. Yes Bette would make a great Ursula. It’s been years since I saw the concert that clip is from. Thanks for sharing.

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