7 outlets and MORE!

ok, i didn’t actually photograph seven outlets – but i did have a weather eye open for the all important outlet opportunities at DHS on the last trip to the world.

for the outlet appreciation society members, take note:

2008 06220022

on the way in (or out) on hollywood boulevard…

2008 06220030


a good place to “recharge” while waiting in the long stand by queues at TSMM (some people actually CARE about that silly hidden mickey thing right there too)…

2008 06220133


actually, TSMM seems to think there is a large need for outlets along the entire queue..

and when i say LARGE….

2008 06220025

now MY personal fave would be here (i know andy knows where this one is):

2008 06220044


i think this one is at pizza planet (i feel very protected by the addition of one plug protector)

2008 06220065


5 Responses to “7 outlets and MORE!”

  1. Ken in Atlanta Says:

    Wow. You know I have never even thought to look for one, or ever really remember seeing one. But now that you have opened my eyes it makes sense. CMs must have to have a place to plug in vaccuums and floor buffers and the like.

    I usually charge my electronics at the hotel at night, but now that I have been “enlightened” I am going to have to search for an “outlet” to my new obession.

  2. Fishy RocketBoy Says:

    I think I remember that outlet… but it’s a little blurry… 😉

  3. Deb from Michigan Says:

    What an eye you have! Most people are looking at art or landscaping or even theming — but no, not you. You are drawn to that to a detail that’s even smaller than a crate! I look forward to more finds on your next trip!

  4. Jeff W Says:

    Now if I start to see stories telling the back story of these outlets…….

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