sad news out of the DPN

the meandering mouse drops some sad knowledge at the DPN forums:

I regretfully must inform The DPN community and the rest of The Mickey Room Audience who frequents The DPN that Wayne has written me to tell me that he and Kimberley have decided to stop podcasting due to family concerns. Us podcasters especially understand that life gets in the way and becomes much more important than our shows. Even though I am sad to see these two wonderful personalities power off the mic, I am glad to have had them on The DPN roster, on my Ipod, and as part of The DPN family. It was great to see The Mickey Room out at BOTH Westfest events showing support. What a better way to go out than attending one heck of a party which was The DPN’s Westfest 2008.

My thoughts and prayers are with Wayne, Kimberley, and their entire family as they tend to their priorities. They will be missed.

Please know that TMR will always have a home on The DPN roster if they decide to return to the mic. I will move The Mickey Room forums off to a private location in a month or so after their audience has had the chance to say their goodbyes.

ug! i’ve been waiting and waiting to hear miss kimberly take to the airwaves (podwaves? webwaves?) again! the two of them made me laugh, but i loved miss kim’s slightly sassy texas girl persona – and meeting them at MF07 – another highlight! especially the ride on the speedway i got to take with gavin (kimberly may have broken the ride -KIDDING!)  well, miss you guys and especially my peach, kim – come back soon – the cats always need more girlfriends!! 😉


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