todays jentasmic!

my bff writes today in a personal way (is there any other?) in her 

about her early code monkey experiences – way back at one of those fig newton schools in the greater boston area, and how the fun part of that coding, even later in life, was the ability to create and to add to the basic format.  i don’t know exactly what was going on then, she seemed overly psyched by pages of zeros and dots and some ones, and dot matrix printers, but, i think, hey, she’s the brainy one so i just let it wash over me…. i’ve not tried VMK – now i guess i never will, but if you know of what my favorite code monkey speaks ——-> visit her column. and instead of the “geek love” george professes, leave some monkey luv!! 😉


happy friday to all my peeps out there on interwebs, real and imagined! you know who you are! xoxoxoxo


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