LFS*? check!

i understand a certain friend of mine immediately recognized the coolness of these studio central star wars weekend tees… and more importantly, the necessity of having a womans style available… ask and ye shall receive!

female male

the womans shirt is available in regular and plus sizes – which is awesome! normally in the fitted tee, i recommend going a size up – but i may be off on this, as it is described as a relaxed fit, ergo, go true to size (i hate size charts!!!), so depending on the look you are going for……

i think i will definitely have to order one, even though i probably won’t make it this year to any SWW events. but i am going to need LOTS of t-shirts for magic meets, soooo……. i just can’t decide between black or red…. medium or large! arg!!!!!!! next we work on that lumbar pack thingy…..

UPDATE: i want this one:

*lisa farry standard


2 Responses to “LFS*? check!”

  1. A slight correction: Mr Matt “Outstanding” Hochberg had already made the women’s style available, much to his credit! I merely lobbied for a couple additional styles, such as the fetching spaghetti strap tank top I’ll be rocking at SWW3. Gotta show off the ink, y’know.

    And girl, you gotta know that as long as I’m carrying a ton of stuff in the parks, I’m gonna be wearing either a lumbar pack, or committing the grave fashion faux pas of actually *using* all the pockets in my cargo shorts. SWW will surely find me with the former; the latter just might happen at MouseFest.

  2. sambycat Says:

    damn that fact checker!!!!!!! i didn’t see a tank…. must go look now!

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