got 9 minutes and 35 seconds to kill?

then go here and do some clicking!

3 Responses to “got 9 minutes and 35 seconds to kill?”

  1. I am deeply amused that wordpress thinks “Hornets vs. Honeybees” is a possibly related post!

  2. Fishy RocketBoy Says:

    More Cats! We wants more cats!

  3. Chica Says:

    I enjoyed the 9minutes and 35 seconds about where the 12th park should be placed. I agree with your perspective Lisa that there should not be another park. Since I am not an avid park goer, as an outsider peeking in on all the Disney folly, I view placement of another park as pure greed. Disney is obviously a highly successful conglomerate with parks pulsating internationally, but hey enough is enough. You hit it on the head with “one word” -Starbucks. The corporate Disney should be happy with their successes and focus on maintaining the viability of the parks in the future. Blah! NO more parks!!! The reason a park will never be placed in the southern hemisphere my dear child is because everyone from around the world would be at that park. Why you ask? – Located just outside Mexico City where the peso dollar ratio is 10:1. Disney would have to make that park affordable to those in the immediate vicinity. And hey guess what? They will never be able to afford the price gouging greed of Disney. Hey, let’s make our target audience children, let’s make adorable characters and movies for the children to watch, and let’s put extravagantly priced parks scattered throughout the world. Oh, and the kicker is, the average family of 4 in the United States will have to save up for years to be able to afford a Disney vacation with their family or maybe never be able to go. A plane trip to Disney, staying on site in the Disney park for 7 days, and attending the Disney Parks themselves, well exceeds a bill of 10 grand. So, bottom line, there ain’t gonna be a park in the southern hemisphere sista’, cause the greedy Disney Corporate can’t make much off a measly peso!!! So there is my 2 cents! Hmmmph!

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