under the sea

so, what do you think of the latest dream series portrait?mer

i LOVE it! not so much as disney/lttle mermaid homage per se – i just love the picture. i love julainne moore in it – though i guess theoretically she would be older than ariel not quite in the way i imagine mikhail baryshnikov is “older” than peter pan – but its a wonderful photo. dreamy and beautiful.

all in all, though i LOVE the idea of the dream series portraits and am glad they are being done. i think ms. liebowitz is a perfect, modern choice. i personally haven’t been bowled over by their “disney-ness”. i LOVED the beyonce/oliver pratt/lyle lovett “alice” pic, but otherwise, i’ve found them too literal or not disney enough.

case in point – LOVE tina fey. would have higher hopes for a modern tinkerbell interpretation. or that uber-goofy jessica biel/pocohontas/deer in the headlights shot. oy.


One Response to “under the sea”

  1. I love the photo itself, but I don’t know if I love it as a Disney photo. I’ve added it to my Disney Dreams collection and it’ll rotate through as my desktop. It still kind of has me scratching my head, and I think that good art makes you do that, see things from a different perspective.

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