i’m ready for my close up, mr demille

 well, thanks to an announcement on this weeks AATM, you can link up to be part of an independent fiilm  project about the independent disney on-line community – check it out at: The DFO. click over to the site and consider making a submission – there is a deadline for some materials by june 18th, i think. i know myself and a certain other cat i am friends with would be FABULOUS subjects for our OWN documentary, but we’d be a great addition to any program (as we have demonstrated!! 😉 )

i KNOW there isn’t a soul who may come across THIS blog who doesn’t listen to AATM, along with all the other a-listers, but if you haven’t checked it out – DO!!!! take it from all-about-the-mouskateer #145 – its soooo much fun!

 side note: there is an awesome picture of the thunderbirds flying spaceship earth on the AATM show notes page that i am desperately trying to steal and post here, but can’t seem to get wordpress to cooperate!!!!!! but go look at it! isn’t it great!!!!!!!!!!! if you’ve seen my personal blog, you’d know that i ❤ jet noise (and what my favorite flying machine is) but this picture freakin’ ROCKS!!!!!!


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