my friend trace made this comment to my photo posted on disfriends :

In 1972 Disney’s first price increase took effect in February, 1972. In October of 1972, Disney switched from 7 and 11 ride ticket books to 8 and 12 ride ticket books.
Your parents paid a BIG $1.00 -$1.25 for the General Admission and $4.85-$5.30 for the 12 Adventure Book.
Now, if you went on a Guided Tour that was $3.75-$3.95, which included a tour of the MK, 3.5 hour walking tour and 7 attractions.
And just for $1.00 a child 3-11 could take a Sunset or Moonlight Cruise on a steam powered paddlewheeler. Leaving from the Poly, Contemporary and Fort Wilderness marinas.
But I’m sure you fully remember all that from your visit in 1972..

he also said i could fit in mickey’s ear – heh!


how awesome is that!!!! i think me and lou mongello missed each other by thatmuch!



5 Responses to “1972….”

  1. Ken in Atlanta Says:

    The human Q-tip

  2. sambycat Says:

    gee, that would make a great t-shirt…… ken, you are seriously disturbed!!

  3. Ken in Atlanta Says:

    no just sleep deprived 🙂

  4. sambycat Says:

    Welcome to my world

  5. sambycat Says:

    Welcome to my world

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