len testa is responsible???


photo credit: www.brokehoedown.com 

i dare say it is widely understood that my bff jennifer and i have a love/hate relationship with lumbar packs. she loves, them i hate them. ok, hate is too strong a word really, as even i had a modified thing on my person for the half marathon and i can understand, in my lizard brain, the basic idea of it all. not to be snobby, but i prefer the backpack for utilitarianism and a nice michael kors bag goes quite far in the functionality and style point category. this morning, i read this in jennifer’s “jentasmic!” column (matt has a fondness for punctuation) at studios central:

..The one Disneyphile source I’d picked up was the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World (ding!), so I did have a few tricks up my sleeve. I bought a lumbar pack and two water bottles, plus I knew we needed an afternoon break every day. Both were excellent advice…

i should boycott the unofficial guide – but we all know that ain’t happening. perhaps, actually, it is reassuring that the lumbar pack thing was an outside influence, not something that bubbled up from deep within her – jennifer, i hardly knew ye…  in any event CHECK OUT her wonderful column today about solo parent traveling in the world (link above) – its really wonderful!

and have a happy sadie hawkins day!


7 Responses to “len testa is responsible???”

  1. Oh great, now Len Testa is going to think I’m stalking him . . . first you blame him for my Disney obsession in last week’s MouseGuest, now he’s responsible for my fashion choices.

    Len, it wasn’t me who left that boiled rabbit on your doorstep, honest!

  2. Well, this is a switch. Usually when someone says “Len Testa is responsible,” they’re on the witness stand…

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  4. Lou, as any good lawyer from New Jersey[1] knows, it’s only illegal if you’re convicted. Until then it’s only immoral.

    Jennifer, thanks very much. I’m not expecting my fans to be the obsessed kind that stalk Scopa or send gifts to Hochberg. A simple blog shout out now and then is cool. I don’t know that anyone should be taking fashion advice from me, however. (Remember the New York Times said I was “stubby” and wore tube socks. True story.)

    Rock on,


    [1] Is “good lawyer from New Jersey” an oxymoron?

  5. Are Jennifer’s tatoos related to Disney? Or is that a silly question?

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