better than crates?

so, if you follow this blog at all, i’m betting you really follow the major players out there amongst the disratti, and thus you are well familiar with the crate appreciation society. though i too love the fantastic minutiae and attention to detail that sets disney parks apart, the thing i have started searching for in the parks is not crates, but outlets!

on my most recent WDW trip, i was more plugged in than i had been in the past – i mean, i’ve got my super annoying “smart” phone and potentially the equally annoying bluetooth earpiece, my digital camera, my ipod and of course the laptop. on most normal days, i don’t need to cart things around with me but last time i was spending the morning at the park and catching disney’s magical express in the afternoon to catch my flight home. it’s my beloved ipod mini that soonest can run out of power and one never can be sure how much time one might have at the airport etc.. to recharge for the flight home as well. and, truth be told, i had been walking main street that morning listening to the lou, so it goes without saying that the ipod batteries would be completely drained after a morning at the park…

in any event, as i was wandering, i started wondering – are there any places in the park that one can conveniently “recharge”? well, as you can see from the photos below, i can happily answer yes!

2008 01160028 2008 01160039

2008 01160035 2008 01160030

i did my snooping at the magic kingdom, as you can see. perhaps the best recharge spot i found was at pecos bill’s – you can grab a lunch and sit somewhere and recharge – literally and figuratively!

2008 01160023

on future trips, i’ll be assessing the availability of these outlets, as well as the potential theming associated with the outlets. we all know those imagineers love attention to detail, so i know the outlets around wdw are going to be extra fantastic! if YOU have a favorite “recharge” spot – let me know!!


17 Responses to “better than crates?”

  1. How appropos that the author of “My Life on the WDW D-List” would write about trying to get plugged in. 🙂

    Is this a quiz, where we’re supposed to guess exactly where those pictures were taken? I’m especially stumped on the second one down . . . is that a file cabinet?

  2. oh- I know! I know! Second pic down is from Tomorrowland. Not a filing cabinet, but a trash can to the right. Looks like it may be the area near the restrooms and Mickey’s Star Traders, but that is more of a guess.

  3. This is good information; practical. It is nice to know that if my Everio battery starts to fade, I can stop, grab a bite to eat (in some cases), and recharge. When the outlet is not near an eatery, as will probably more often be the case, a short rest while people watching will be good. Some one needs to create a database of the locations in the parks.

  4. Whew! I thought I was the only uber-dork that was walking around the parks (and especially the restaurants), looking for a seat next to an outlet. As I sit down, plugging in my smartphone, camera battery charger, and various other devices crammed into my cargo shorts and/or backpack, I realize why I didn’t date very much in High School. Great post!

    Oh wait… you carry your Macbook with you to the parks? I have officially reached Nerdvana.

  5. I’ve wondered if it would tough to get thru security with a laptop, in case I need to take a work break. How was it? Very nice pics of the outlets! (I too have a beloved mini — pink — that has just about bit the dust. I have to buy a green Nano a few weeks ago, but I will NOT throw away the mini! What color is yours?)

  6. Lisa…

    Nice…very nice!

    I am hoping that the OAS is not as stringent as CAS….

  7. eric is right about that one you asked about jennifer – it’s between restrooms and next to the AED, just in case! as far as getting a data base going, jennifer is so going to have to help me with that because i cannot work the spread sheet and i feel that this data is just crying out for a spreadsheet of some sort….

    and, george, the best way to keep the society stringent (or not) – is to start your OWN!!!!!!!! mwahahahahaha! i’m king of the plugs!!! woooweeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  8. Yeah, I’ve started to walk around looking for outlets too… they’re not half as uncommon as you’d think, almost every place has at least one! Pirates Plaza has a few nice ones, but the top of the line is World Showcase’s silly outlets on green posts in bushes. i, of course, have no real motivation to look for outlets, but I think knowing where they are is important. No high tech stuff for me. =)

  9. DisneyDad Says:

    With no disrespect intended for an excellent website and an interesting post: When I go on vacation, I go on vacation. The Disney Imagineers and Cast Members do such an excellent job of helping me leave the world behind that the last thing I’ll ever do is try to bring an array of plug-in devices to the park with me so I can “sneak in a work break” or miss what’s all around me because I’m too busy listening to someone else on a device tell me what I’m experiencing. I recall an excellent commercial done by John Cleese for a videocam; his tag line was, “I can’t wait to get home and watch my vacation so I can see if I had a good time!” I’d encourage other guests to help themselves to draw a clear, firm line around their work and their leisure. A few hundred million guests have somehow managed to have the time of their lives recharging at a Disney Park without literally needing an electrical outlet.

  10. absolutely no disrespect taken, disney dad! and i was 100 percent-ly in your camp, but, i have found that my disney geekiness – at least at this time in my life – gives me a lot of pleasure and thus i like adding some of the techie things into my vacations in terms of recordning things and taking pics and blogging. it’s like a treasure hunt or something. keep in mind, most of my trips and/or times at the park are solo for me right now. usually i am pretty much wired to my iPod – good or bad – maybe not IN the parks per se, but usually on crowded buses or walking or exercising by myself etc… i wouldn’t blot out the ambient disney sounds of course, but it was neat to do at least part of lou’s walk along tour guide and see the stuff! and my battery power just aint that great! but i do see your point and agree with you too!

  11. sleepyhollow Says:

    I have to tell you, it makes me nervous as a Cast Member to see people using these outlets. A lot of them are not used often, because a lot of the maintenance work involves generators. I guess in part it is because I am just plain scared of electricity, but I wish people wouldn’t spy an outlet hidden in a bush and assume it’s been used recently. That being said, all the ones in the photos I see Guests using commonly. Unless they ask for permission of course.

  12. sleepyhollow Says:

    I have to tell you, it makes me nervous as a Cast Member to see people using these outlets. You never know how often they are used and I have had some exciting moments with Outside Electricity At Disney. I guess in part it is because I am just plain scared of electricity, but I wish people wouldn’t spy an outlet hidden in a bush and assume it’s been used recently. That being said, all the ones in the photos I see Guests using commonly. Unless they ask for permission of course.

  13. thats a really good point, sleepy hollow – i was trying to scope out something i thought wouldn’t block othere guests, wouldn’t make cast members freak out and wouldn’t be totally jarring and just annoying to even see!!! i agree that some of those green ones in the bushes seem a little scary, but i promise not to stick my fingers in any of ’em!

  14. DisneyDad,

    Firstly, there are some of us, like myself, who are only ALLOWED to take vacations if we stay tethered. Cut the cord, you don’t get to take another vacation. It’s sad, but that’s the way it is in some professions where contact must be maintained at all times or the company loses lots of money. I wasn’t offended by your statement at all because that is how I’d love to travel. But, in my case, it’s often better to be on vacation and hard to get in touch with by work, then stuck at home (I’m fortunate in that my cell phone gets really, really bad service in the parks)

    Secondly, when you are a member of the Disney Community in ways such as the lovely author of this blog and many other blogs, podcasts and website, you sometimes have to be armed with various accoutrements that the casual vacationer may not even think to need. You can use your iPhone or SmartPhone to do quick posts up to your blog. You may have a iRiver to record audio for your podcast. You may even decide to do an impromptu live podcast recording in the middle of the parks and find that you need juice.

    Nothing is worse than finding out that your electronic device has decided to be low on battery juice. I’m a photographer and it isn’t the first time that I’ve gone through 2 batteries before the end of the day.

  15. ok – a) grumpy called me lovely!! heh heh!! and b) thanks for the brilliant articulation of all things electronic but mostly those with low battery power!!


  16. DisneyDad Says:

    Thanks for the ultra-friendly replies and explanations. I meant no criticism, and none was taken.
    I’m also concerned that some of the outlets–especially those outside–are obviously not meant for public use. I would hope Guests would know better than to traipse across well-manicured grounds only to muck up the view by hanging about the outlets to recharge equipment. I’m also a tad worried that indoor outlets be used in a way that recalls a Cast Members’ 1st rule: safety (there’s a reason it comes before courtesy, show, efficiency). As evidenced by the photos posted, an array of loose electrical cords dangling could impede the progress of guests in a crowded restaurant. One quick-moving kid rushes past and there goes your expensive camera to the floor.
    I teach at the college level and I’m amazed at students who tell others to move so they can use the outlets to plug in their cell phones (which ring in class, disrupting everyone) or their computers (which they proceed to use for web-surfing instead of note-taking)…the cords stretching across aisles. That’s why the college has banned the use of classroom outlets except for custodial or teacher use. Of course, the kind and mannerly folks on this board aren’t the kind of guests who worry me…I just foresee a time when some of the ruder general public will come to expect their ‘right’ to comandeer outlets for their personal use. And that would make me sad, to see Disney have to kowtow to such behavior.

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