i came across this ad in this month’s GQ magazine (so i like fashion tips for men – or is it the male models zoolandering-ing out on the pages). that rachel bilson chick is so super skinny! geez. obviously, it MUST be disney related or why would i be posting it, right? but i flipped right over some ads in the mag ’till i noticed a certain familiar face (i think she ran the half marathon right next to me) and the gloved hand (no, not michael jackson). i had to go back through it then and – honestly now! – it’s kind of awesome, isn’t it?


golf and race cars with usher!


hunt for the elusive albino mongello!


cherry tomatoes + sweater vest = crazy delicious!



get your fez on!


i know it isn’t going to make hipsters go to disney more, i guess, but the way they emphasize the “adult” things to do, i found it appealing. along the same lines as the leibowitz photos – i guess i just like seeing an ad for disney NOT aimed at soccer moms and mini-vans full of small children (ouch. sorry, i know).  of course, i guess these various players are supposed to add up to families, but the kids are more like accessories here. and the “girlfriend” or wife whatever – she looks like the mom here at the end, right??

what do you think? besides that matt has those same sunglasses.


One Response to “adverts”

  1. I think it’s really, really smart of Disney to this kind of marketing — and they are doing it well. It’s classy, not dorky. It may subconciously affect that demographics’ thoughts on Disney, which is a good thing!

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