odds and ends

so, it’s t-4 to the half marathon. everybody (who’s anybody!!) will be going to yehaa bob’s saturday night, right?? if i’m still alive, say “hi!” – i’ll buy you a drink!!!!! or at least get you one on hochberg’s tab. in any event, yesterdays WDWToday episode highlights “marathon madness” – side note: why ARE they so happy when matt’s gone? i mean, is our sweet little mattie some kind of tyrant or what?- anyway, excellent info from dr. scopa and mr. testa as per usual. mr. newell has some excellent inquiries that benefit any spectating friends and family and those hoping to AVOID the whole mess all together.

just curious – but i’m guessing that probably some people dress up- for this shin-dig? like mickey or something? or at least people wear like mickey stuff or whatever, right? so, what would tinkerbell wear if she were running..er…walking – quickly – for this half? the little green pom-pom’s go ON the shoe, right? not the heel? and riddle me this batman: do you think tinkerbell WEARS make-up? or is that just natural pixie appearance?

oh, and miss meg over @ chubber cheekers has finished her trilogy – part II and III  are posted. i just love her blog. not a disney one – but the magic is there and she gets it…


One Response to “odds and ends”

  1. No, I am not a tyrant. They’re all jealous of me and my hotness. B-A-N-A-N-A-S

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