now it can be told!


so, though no one in the dis-ratti world has acknowledged my recent post breaking the news that matt hochberg had indeed ridden the infamous dinosaur ride, the fact remains – YOU READ IT HERE FIRST PEOPLE!!!

i have to admit, the clamoring for evidence – both photographic and audio – has been tremendous. well, now i may offer, for your viewing pleasure, the un-edited audio  and a few pictures from the infamous DINO’07 ride through with matt hochberg of “WDW Today/studios/tower of terror” fame –

HEAR! evil co-riders chant his name as we enter the horror that is Dinosaur!

FEEL! the fear as we decide where matt should ride!

UNDERSTAND! the terror as my large purse gets wedged in the tiny space for carry on items and la mongella must yank it out for me!

KNOW! that over $500 was raised benefiting charities of both looouuuuuu and deb wills!

CLICK HERE! if you dare!!!!!!

*for your ipod

and when i figure out the html code posting nightmare, i will just put it right here…..

thanks dan! for all your help!! 🙂


2 Responses to “now it can be told!”

  1. […] death-defying encounter with the Dinosaur ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, get thee over to my BFF Lisa’s blog My Life on the WDW D-List for the full […]

  2. Best part:

    Dr. Seeker: “See? Access denied.”

    Hochberg: “Oh good, we’re safe.”

    LOL! I wish I could’ve been there, but the audio is a great alternative.

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