a seriously amazing christmas gift!

so BFF jennifer has outdone herself! hand made for me of fabric from the yacht and beach club resorts –

2007 12240002

2007 12240003

2007 12240004

2007 12240006

i can’t wait for spring!!!!


9 Responses to “a seriously amazing christmas gift!”

  1. Most excellent. I wondered where the fabric came from, how fantastic!

  2. Very cool! Will you debut it at Magic Meets?

    “Hey, everybody! Get your picture taken with Lisa’s bag!”

  3. Aww, you make me blush! Glad you like it!

    And of course you outdid yourself too, sending me all the awesome loot from MouseFest! Even a picture of Hochberg fighting for dear life on Dinosaur. Yay! 🙂

  4. Just another subtle hint about the fine DVC cult….haha

    When do we get to see this much talked about picture of Hochberg on Dinosaur

  5. Now that is a one of a kind gift! Great work, Jennifer!

    And, Ray, check out this thread for the infamous pic:

  6. Thanks Eric!

    That picture is going to be a classic

  7. Very nice Jennifer! Someone’s gotta ask so it might as well be me – how did you manage to get the fabric? 😉

  8. let’s just say carolyn that this is why jen always stays at scopa towers…

  9. […] from the Grand Floridian that I picked up at MagicMeets, and I’m still proud of the handbag I made for my BFF with fabric from the Beach Club…but I was growing bored of listings for Remy in a jar, and […]

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